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A new complication.

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Last Friday i rushed to the E.R with a vaginal dark brown discharge, my boyfriend & I were fearing for our angel's life at 11 weeks of pregnancy. I had no cramps no blood just dark brown discharge. The doctor performed various of test on me he test my blood just in case I had to get a shot I turned out to be RH positive, no shot for me! Our worries were still there. The doctor said that my discharge was really dark it was hard to see my cervix. He called for an ultrasound and a vaginalultrasound. The cervix was in fact closed. And the baby was perfectly fine, heart was beating great.

The adventure of having a baby

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Ever since we found out that we were going to be parents my boyfriend and i have tried it all to prepare for the baby. We bought pregnancy books and we're doing great on this journey. We won't find out how far I am until May 18th. But i am really excited to hear my baby's heart. The news with our parents went well when we told them they were just disappointed but they are very supportive. I didn't know being pregnant was going to be like this. The morning sickness happen all through out the day and the fatigue is always there. But it's worth it. I can't wait to meet my baby

I'm 17 years old & pregnant

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It's been 7 weeks since i had my last period and 4 weeks since i lost the next period. I found out today, thanks to a medical test, that i am pregnant. My boyfriend and i told our family right away and although some where disappointed we got a lot of support. We are keeping this angel and we're very excited for the rest of the journey. wish us luck because we know it will not be easy