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A new complication.

Last Friday i rushed to the E.R with a vaginal dark brown discharge, my boyfriend & I were fearing for our angel's life at 11 weeks of pregnancy. I had no cramps no blood just dark brown discharge.

The adventure of having a baby

Ever since we found out that we were going to be parents my boyfriend and i have tried it all to prepare for the baby. We bought pregnancy books and we're doing great on this journey.

I'm 17 years old & pregnant

It's been 7 weeks since i had my last period and 4 weeks since i lost the next period. I found out today, thanks to a medical test, that i am pregnant. My boyfriend and i told our family right away and although some where disappointed we got a lot of support. We are keeping this angel and we're very excited for the rest of the journey. wish us luck because we know it will not be easy