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Well that didn't last long...

SO the more I read, trying to figure some concrete things out, like hmmm, am I pregnant?

That's IT!

I have decided that I really don't care what my pregnancy tests say, IM PREGNANT. Why do I have the burning sensation in my lower? Have certain cravings or aversions?


Well I hope I don't have an ectopic pregnancy.

No period, no positive prego test

Ugh, not sure what's happening then. No period. No positive pregnancy test either. Frustrating! I wish I knew what was rly happening!!! Is there a problem with my uterus?! Am I pregnant?!


Well, It's the 24th, and boy am I tired -_-, and also no period yet. I known to start in the evenings generally and the day isn't over yet of course but still...


I wonder if Im gunna have my period tomorrow! We'll see! It's really.....ya know exciting but....yeah. Almost don't want to be yet, but then I do for so many reasons!


Well tomorrows the day! Lol, the day I see if my period really is going to happen or not. I didn't have a period FORVER not last month but the month before.

June 21st

So the calculated date of my period was supposed to be today and I haven't had it.

Excited (:

Im very excited that my husband finally agreed to start trying to have a baby!