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~ 4:45am -- had a good contraction painful enough it woke me out of a deep sleep. Felt a trickle and got up to test, but the paper didn't change. Clear, odorless, kind of more slimey than watery; just mucus I guess?


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~1-3:30am -- Regular contractions still about 10-12 minutes apart, lasting about 1 min or so. Finally starting to get a bit painful, like a medium strength menstrual cramp, starting in the lower uterus and wrapping around my hips into my lower back. Alas they seem to have petered out and I feel like I've only had one or two since I got up; it's now almost 6. Sid is being super active right now and it's driving me nuts.

Wentback to bed a little after 6;

9am - awoke to spill a little more fluid and yellow mucus, with about half a dozen little specks of bloody show.


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1 pm -- Just woke up from a long nap to find my knickers soaked in the front and a small 2.5 x 3inch wet spot in the bed. Clear and thin liquid. Is my water leaking, or am I just sweating like a mofo, bc it's 84 degrees and i was sleeping with the comforter? Put on a pantiliner; we'll see.

When I wiped after peeing, my mucus was totally clear and really stretchy-stringy, which Anita said would happen 1 or a few days before labor.


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Holy discharge! I just put these knickers on about 20 minutes ago and they already look like I've had them on for 5 hours or more. Sticky and opaque.

I've been having light cramping in the bottom of my uterus that feels just like a light menstrual cramp, sometimes with a contraction, sometimes without it. My contractions seem triggered by movements now, too, like when i get up out of bed or stand up after sitting a while.


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5:55 pm -- intense pressure in the pelvic area during a contraction, which lasted about a full minute. been really feeling sid way down low in my pelvis all day, and frequent sustained pain/discomfort in my cervix.

8:46 - more pressure, and almost cramping with contraction.


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Unexpected back pain during a contraction! Awake at 2:50 am; hungry, had to pee, Sid started moving around, suddenly got hot. As I sat up I felt a twinge in my back, to the left side, that quickly grew very intense as I went through a contraction. Lasted through my trip to the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, coming out. Had to lean my hands on the counter and just breathe for a second. Totally new; my contractions have never been painful before.

Another at about 1:30 pm! Normal painless contractions in between.

Week 25

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25 weeks and just a hair shy of 36 inches around. I desperately need to go thrifting again. It's been in the 80s all this week and I only have one tank top that fits me now.

We had another midwife appointment yesterday. Anita had called in sick so we met with the other attending midwife. Afterward back in the car I said to Curtis, "I'm really glad Anita is our regular midwife and not that other lady." Very nice person, but too hyper and almost nervous. I'm so grateful that Anita is just calm and mellow.

23 Weeks

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23 weeks and 34.5 inches around. Smaller than last time! I wonder if it changes depending on how and where Sid is lying.

The other day, Sid started kicking while I was watching new Tori Amos videos. During one song, he actually kicked in time with the music. Curtis said, "We have a drummer!"