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I wish I knew

Well the past three weeks have been pretty rough…. Jason (DH) is getting ready to go in for surgery on his shoulder. And well I have been feeling really “off”. Normally I do not get tired during the day, but for the past three weeks I will be fine, full of energy and then all of a sudden I am ready to crash I can't wait to go to bed, if that was not enough I have been getting random headaches and not just a small one, but the kind that no matter what I do or take I cannot shake it.

Better Start at the Beginning...

First things first… sorry I am not follow any of the “blogging rules”. I am more or less using this as a venting spot for me. My DH, Jason, and I had met on myself in December of 2005. He was living in VA while I was still living in NY. We had first met in person in early March 2006. We started dating on March 10, 2006 and I moved down to VA and moved in with him on March 15, 2006.