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Morning Sickness help from Accupressure points

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I have a 45 minute bus ride every morning followed by a 15 minute walk through the heart of San Francisco. The bus is bumpy and jerky and smelly. It's been very challenging for me to get to work and home with the morning sickness I'm experiencing. I remembered that once while on my friend's sailboat, he offered me sea bands which are simple elastic bands that have a small hard plastic ball that applies a small bit of pressure to the inside of your wrist. This special acupressure point helps with nausea.

Paranoid and impatient

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I test tomorrow and I'm so excited. I almost tested this morning but I want to do it when my husband is around and awake. If/when we do get that positive, I'd like to be able to spend at the very least, a few special hours with him. My initial symptoms have subsided greatly, I'm less bloated that I've been for the past couple weeks, the headaches are gone, and the nausea only seems to happen when I first get up or when I'm in a moving vehicle. It's not as strong as it was last week. This makes me paranoid! I start worrying I'm not really pregnant or that I'm going to miscarry.

Secret for now

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I am 38 and pregnant for the first time. We're moving out of state soon and we were going to wait on trying to get pregnant for another 6 months. But when I went to my annual exam, I got a whopper of a lecture from my doctor about how I needed to start right away. She got me all scared that I was going to have trouble getting pregnant, so that night my husband and I decided to stop using birth control. Two weeks later I started having symptoms. Nausea, headaches, all kinds of things. It was obviously pregnancy but how could it possibly happen so soon? The timing doesn't seem right.