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"yes hunny, I do love you even though you think you're a whale."

I have never been the skinniest girl on the block - I will never be the 90 pounds like my cousin is (AFTER TWO CHILDREN), or like the anorexic bimbo that graces the cover of US WEEKLY - and because of this, I do admit to having some body issues.

My fiance knows about these little 'issues' and although some times teases me about them, loves me unconditionally and supports me and my little neurosis and I do mean ALL of them. *sigh*

There is a chance that I am pregnant. which is fantastic because I've wanted to be a mother since - wow, as long as I can remember.

Adding Another tear to the page

My period is not quite two weeks late.

my fiancee and I are CONVINCED I am pregnant. So he wanted me to get a pregnancy test because "I can't wait any longer' as he kisses my stomach and rubs if there is a baby already in there.

So I grab my fiancee, and my MALE roommate and we trek down in the Toronto snow storm to the closest pharmacy and muse and joke about the 6 different choices and 'the most advanced technology you'll ever pee on'

So with the 'most advanced technology I'll ever pee on' in my hand I walk into the bathroom, do what I have to do and wait.