Petition (please sign!): to raise Awareness of Baby Loss

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Petition (please sign!): to raise Awareness of Baby Loss


I'm an active member of another loss board here on this website. This petition is for everyone, so I decided to post here too. Please know that you have my sincere compassion for your losses too.

You can add your name to this petition, no matter which country you live in. It's to get Oct. 15th recognized in Australia too, but everyone's name counts.

As you know, International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day (Oct. 15th) is recognized in the USA and Canada. Petitions like this one brought about these achievements. I ask you to please take 30 seconds, to add your name to this brand new petition at:

It asks for your email address, only so you can confirm (at a 'click' of the mouse) that you've added your name to the list. (This is done to make sure that the name was added by a person, not generated automatically). Your email will NOT be made public (i.e. it won't be on the petition), and your email will not be shared -- NO spam, I promise!!

This month, I met with both my local State and Federal MPs: two respected and compassionate women who are totally behind this. They will bring this petition to Parliament in about 3 weeks' time. So please add your name today!

Thank you ever so much.