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My adventure

im really keeping this journal for myself more than anything.. i dont think too many people read these anyway. Blum 3

Today was a wonderful day because its the first day ive had peace about having a child in a LONG time.

ive known i wanted to adopt since i was 11... and chad has known and been on board since we started dating... so the idea of adoption has always been in the back of my mind... knowing it would happen "someday".. i just never thought "someday" would sneak up on me so soon!

last night i officially decided that i want to pursue adoption... now. i talked to chad about it today and he's completely on board. hes such a wonderful husband. he just wants to be a daddy.. doesnt matter how.

so i called SNAP.. which stands for special needs adoption programs in kentucky. ive done tons of internet research and decided that state adoption was the route that we should go. after talking to chad, he agreed. the downside is that we may not get our child very soon because we want a younger child.. it would be great to get an infant but we are realistic and understand that infants in the state system are really hard to come by. we want a child that is under 4. we're young, (im 23 and chad is 24) and we feel that we wouldnt want to jump into parenting an older child. also, we plan to have more than one child (at least 4) so we would want our adopted child and our next child to be close in age.

anyway.. so the journey begins. the lady at SNAP said she would have someone send us info on the classes and home studies. i hope it comes this week... i really dont want to wait a long time to get started. i guess id better get used to being patient though! Blum 3

woohoo! im so excited to start the journey toward meeting my forever child.

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well today chad and i ran a whole bunch of errands including buying really cute printer paper with little handprints and abc's... we also bought footprint and handprint stickers. why?, you may ask. well, we decided that since my brothers and sister always send out announcements when they find out theyre pregnant, we wanted to send out letters telling our families of our intent to adopt.

some of the family knows but most do not. heres a copy of the letter:


Many of you know that our heart’s desire is to be a mom and dad, and we have been pursuing that dream for over 3 years now, since March 2001.
We’ve been under the care of doctors since May 2003, and fertility specialists since March 2004. Krista has been on several rounds of the fertility drugs “Clomid” and “Provera” which have been quite hard on her emotionally and physically. Even through all the treatments, we have been unable to conceive the child we desire so much.
Since about the age of 11, Krista has had a desire to adopt a child. Hearing and seeing her enthusiasm, Chad quickly jumped on board. We both assumed that adoption would be something we would do in our 30’s after we had biological children and after Chad had retired from the Army.
Well, it’s amazing how things change! After much prayer, contemplation and research, we have decided that we are going to pursue adoption now. This decision was not taken lightly. We have spent much time in learning about the adoption process, and we are confident that this is the path that we want to take. Our hearts are full of peace and joy, unlike ever before in our infertility journey. Never before have we felt so sure that we are in the center of God’s plan.
We feel that so many things have already worked together in our favor. Many doors have already been opened, and in hindsight we can see how wonderful God’s grace has been through all of this. We are, in a strange way, so thankful we were unable to conceive when we first started trying because today we are so much more mature, and more importantly so much more in love. Through the 3½ years of childless marriage, we have been given a wonderful gift in that we were able to learn to love each other deeper than we could have ever imagined.. We can honestly say that today we love and respect each other more than the day we were married. We feel thrilled to bring a child into a home where their mom and dad love each other so much.
After all the research we have done, we’ve decided that state adoption is the route we would like to take. It is generally free or at very little cost and the children in foster care are so in need of a forever family. We plan to try to adopt a child who is between the ages of newborn and 4.
We still have hopes to have biological children, but for now our focus is on adopting a child.
Because we love and value you, our family, we want each of you to be involved in this process. The child we bring into our family will become a member of your family as well, and we want you to share in our excitement!!! We are so thrilled to be starting this journey toward becoming parents, and we hope that you can share in this joy.
We already know we can count on you for support through this potentially long journey, and we welcome any questions you may have.

We love and miss each and every one of you!!
Love, Chad and Krista

so, thats about it in a nutshell. we'll be sending them out tomorrow. i guess we'll see what their reaction will be! i expect them to be supportive.. i just hope that they dont say anything stupid. (as families sometimes do) Biggrin

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whew.. what a day! and its only 3pm!

i called my sister this morning to get my brother's address to send out those letters. well, after talking to her for a bit, i decided to tell her over the phone about our decision to adopt. i was so nervous.. my voice was shaking. (it doesnt help that my voice has been hoarse the past couple days)

anyway, she said she was excited, and that they would support us. we talked a little about it but she had to go because her kids were destroying the house. Blum 3

so anyway, after i got off the phone i sent the rest of the letters off. I AM SO NERVOUS!!! i feel like i did when i told my family i wanted to get married. it doesnt help matters that we live so far away from them. i miss them terribly.

i didnt tell chad that i told my sister though. you could construe this as being dishonest, but i dont. if he asks me about it, i will tell him the truth, but im not going to bring it up.

then just now, i receieved a call from the bardstown (local) office of kentucky adoptions. i spoke to a woman named leslie who was VERY hard to understand! she spoke so fast and has a strong kentucky accent.. i had a hard time listening because i kept focusing on her style of speech.
anyway, she said that she'll be sending out the info packet monday! (ughhh! i thought they were sent out already!) but she did give me some good info over the phone. she said that the requirements for kentucky state adoptions were that we are both 21, we are married (or single), and that we have no felonies.. well we passed on those points! Lol then she said that the last info meeting was may 11th and she doesnt think theyve had the one for june yet. she said she thinks the new classes start in august but she's not sure. she said the classes will be 3 hours each, 1 night a week for 11 weeks. i hope that wont be a problem for chad to get off. (being in the army isnt like civilian life.. you cant just call in and say youre not coming in, you have to either have the day off or be on leave, and even then theres no guarantee that they wont change their minds or call you in)

anyway, she said that the packet should tell when the info meeting is, but if it doesnt, she gave me a number to call to find out.

i took the very smart advice from someone at an forum and i took her name. not necessarily to ever get her in trouble, but its a good idea to record the names of people you speak to so that if you ever need to call back they dont think youre a moron.

anyway, here we go. i am SO NERVOUS about how my family is going to react to the letters! i poured my heart into them and if they say anything negative its really going to hurt. (i know they wont, but the thought is always in the back of your mind)

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funny coincidence... im a member of an army wives message board... there are probably 500 members there and i have literally spoken to TWO people who leave near where i do. well, today over there i got a PM from a woman who actually lives nearby (mind you, ive never spoken to this girl before) and her dad is a social worker through the state office we will be going through!!!!!!!!!!!

wouldnt it be funny if her dad was the one we worked with??

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well we got our info today! wohhoo! well, i was excited to get it, but the info wasnt terribly exciting. it was basically stuff i already knew. the only new piece of info was when the orientation and classes are. the orientation is august 30th and the classes start on september 13th. the classes are for five weeks, 2 nights a week (mondays and thursdays) and they are from 6:30 to 9:30. i REALLY hope chad will be able to get all the days off. hopefully if he tells his commander that the reason is because we are adopting, he'll be nice about it and let him have mondays and thursdays off during that period. i guess we'll just have to keep praying about it.

im a little bummed that the orientation and classes are so far away.. but i guess its good because we were planning on going to see my family for a couple weeks in august and this wont interfere with those plans.

its all in God's timing! (i have to keep reminding myself)

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happy father's day! hopefully this will be the last year that chad wont be a daddy! Biggrin