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Thread: *Our timelines*

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    Default *Our timelines*

    Feel free to post your adoption timeline and edit as necessary. It will be a good way for us all to keep track of where in the process everyone is and will help give any newbies a sense of the timing.

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    What a cool idea! This has been our timeline so far!

    07/12/06: Sent out homestudy paperwork to agency.
    07/24/06: Home visit done!
    07/27/06: Started dossier preparation.
    10/5/06: Sent out I600A.
    10/13/06: Dossier complete!
    10/14/06: Sent out dossier!
    10/19/06: Informed that we are #1 on the waiting list!! A referral should happen SOON!
    11/15/06: I600A fingerprinting appointment
    11/28/06: Were told that a possible referral has been identified.
    1/16/06: Nothing happening with possible referral, so another baby girl is being looked at!
    1/19/06: Baby girl V's verbal referral is sent through email!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't believe we got The Email!!!!!!!!!!!
    2/01/07: Waiting on referral packet... here's hoping it comes soon!! *Speedy Mail Vibes*
    2/09/07: Got our first picture of Addie!!!! We are in love!!!!
    2/17/07: Found out we're PREGNANT!!!! We decide we want to go ahead with Addie's adoption and make her a big sister!
    3/1/07: Called Jenny to tell her about the pregnancy, and were sadly told we could not pursue our adoption of Addie. We are making our peace with this new development.

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    4/10/06 Applied to CHI adoption agency
    4/13/06 Applied to USCIS (I600A)
    4/17/06 Started HS
    5/01/06 Received approved HS
    5/02/06 Fingerprinted
    6/17/06 Received USCIS approval! (I171H)
    6/19/06 Started the wait for referral
    8/21/06 Switched to VORF adoption agency
    8/22/06 RECEIVED REFERRAL of Vinh Trung (Dylan)
    12/4/06 Leaving for Vietnam
    12/8/06 Official adoption ceremony (G&R)
    12/23/06 Home with Dylan!

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    August 2006
    *Home study application submitted
    *Completed 2 home study visits

    September 2006
    *Application accepted 9-11 with Children's Home Society & Family Services (CHSFS)
    *Home study paperwork completed 9-25

    October 2006
    *Gathering dossier paperwork
    *I-600a form submitted 10-21
    *Homestudy submitted to CHSFS 10-27

    November 2006
    *Home study accepted wtih CHSFS 11-14
    *Dossier submitted 11-27, but state capital screwed up our certifications, so paperwork heads back to Columbus...

    December 2006
    *Dossier approved and officially waiting 12-7
    *USCIS fingerprinting 12-13
    *USCIS approval 12-20

    January 2007
    *Dossier to Ethiopia 1-22

    April 2007
    *Referral received 4-18!!
    *Acceptance paperwork completed 4-20

    June 2007
    *Made it through court and received our travel date for July on 6-15!

    July 2007
    *DH travels to Ethiopia July 12-20
    *ELIZA IS HOME July 21

    October 2007
    *Finalization in our state and official name change 10-22
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    I don’t remember everything exact and I am not home to look but I know the months SO:

    JULY – Sent in application to adoption agency and was put on a 4 month waitlist
    SEPTEEMBER- finished homestudy
    SEPTEMBER- Sent I600A
    OCOTOBER – I600A fingerprinted
    OCTOBER- Homestudy submitted and approved by agency
    NOVEMBER- Finished Dossier
    DECEMBER- Dossier sent to Ethiopia (the wait for referral begins)

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    Default Re: *Our timelines*

    Quote Originally Posted by Mommy2BenjaminBear
    Feel free to post your adoption timeline and edit as necessary. It will be a good way for us all to keep track of where in the process everyone is and will help give any newbies a sense of the timing.
    Great idea

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    I'm gonna skip all the early stuff and go with:

    August 4, 2005 - switched to better agency
    August 5, 2005 - Baby born
    August 7, 2005 - Received referral
    August 8, 2005 - Fed Exed final dossier docs
    January 9, 2006 - Left for Guatemala, met Eddie
    January 11, 2006 - Adoption completed in Guatemala
    January 13, 2006 - Eddie came home!
    January 14, 2006 - told DH - I want to go again!

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    February 2006 Chose agency. Attended Orientation. Got application.
    March 2006 Submitted application.
    April 2006 Took training to learn about adopting and parenting children from domestic foster care system.
    May 2006 Collected and submitted 8 million items of paperwork, wrote autobiography for self and husband, fell in love with about two dozen children on various websites waiting for a family. Bought our minivan.
    June 2006 Waited and waited and waited. Bought children's furniture, painted one of their rooms. (We have two- one for girls, one for boys).
    July 2006 Tormented agencies that had not yet submitted paperwork on my behalf to our agency.
    August 2006 Got married!
    September 2006 In-office agency interview. Continued July work.
    October 2006 Prepared home for inspection. Nudged husband into finishing laying down the new floor. Painted playroom. Started painting the other bedroom. Passed home inspection!!!!!
    November 2006 Waited. Realized we were getting scammed and lied to.
    December 2006 Fired old agency. Hired new agency. Submitted application to new agency with copies of all paperwork I had at home from old agency.
    January 2007 Received lots of forms from new agency, completed and returned them. Received tentative match for our maybe baby. Adoption supervisor assigned herself as our new HS worker.
    February 2007
    2/1,8 - HS visits #1&2 went beautifully!
    2/24 and 28 - HS visits #3&4 will hopefully go just as well!
    3/31 - Expected HS approval!!!
    Hold Onto Your Dreams!

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    HELLO ALL! I never posted my timeline, so I will do it now

    May 1, 2006 - turned in adoption registration paperwork to agency
    June 20 - July 25th- every Tuesday night "adoption classes"
    August 1st - 100% paperwork DONE!
    Sept 1st - Profile turned in to agency
    Sept 25th - Homestudy 100% completed!!! READY TO BE PROFILED
    Sept 27th - PROFILE #1 - Birthmom decided to parent
    Sept 28th - PROFILE #2 - not chosen, but another forever family was made!
    October - NOTHING happened!!
    November - Nothing happened!!
    December - AGAIN nothing happened!
    January 07 - Nothing going on.
    February 07 - Profiled 3 times, no matches
    March 19th 2007 - Found out we were pregnant!!!
    April 23rd 2007 - Met with agency to tell them I was pregnant. Found out we were allowed to continue with the adoption. We had been profiled 4 more times. No match yet!
    May 2007 - No profiling
    June 2007 - Profiled a few times, no match
    July 2007 - No profiling
    August 2007 - No profiling, officially asked to not be profiled anymore until after the baby was born.
    September 2007 - Ugh...went into preterm labor at 31 weeks. Our homestudy expired.
    October 2007 - bedrest...not much else
    November 6th, 2007 - Hunter was born!!!
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    Is everyone updating?? I just remembered too

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