*Our timelines*

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*Our timelines*

Feel free to post your adoption timeline and edit as necessary. Biggrin It will be a good way for us all to keep track of where in the process everyone is and will help give any newbies a sense of the timing.

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What a cool idea! This has been our timeline so far! Biggrin

07/12/06: Sent out homestudy paperwork to agency.
07/24/06: Home visit done! :woohoo:
07/27/06: Started dossier preparation.
10/5/06: Sent out I600A.
10/13/06: Dossier complete!
10/14/06: Sent out dossier! Yahoo
10/19/06: Informed that we are #1 on the waiting list!! A referral should happen SOON! :eek: :kaos3:
11/15/06: I600A fingerprinting appointment
11/28/06: Were told that a possible referral has been identified.
1/16/06: Nothing happening with possible referral, so another baby girl is being looked at!
1/19/06: Baby girl V's verbal referral is sent through email!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yahoo Can't believe we got The Email!!!!!!!!!!! Biggrin :D Biggrin :D
2/01/07: Waiting on referral packet... here's hoping it comes soon!! Biggrin :vibes: *Speedy Mail Vibes* :vibes:
2/09/07: Got our first picture of Addie!!!! :Iloveyou: :biglove: We are in love!!!!
2/17/07: Found out we're PREGNANT!!!! We decide we want to go ahead with Addie's adoption and make her a big sister! Biggrin
3/1/07: Called Jenny to tell her about the pregnancy, and were sadly told we could not pursue our adoption of Addie. Sad We are making our peace with this new development.

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4/10/06 Applied to CHI adoption agency
4/13/06 Applied to USCIS (I600A)
4/17/06 Started HS
5/01/06 Received approved HS
5/02/06 Fingerprinted
6/17/06 Received USCIS approval! (I171H)
6/19/06 Started the wait for referral
8/21/06 Switched to VORF adoption agency
8/22/06 RECEIVED REFERRAL of Vinh Trung (Dylan)
12/4/06 Leaving for Vietnam
12/8/06 Official adoption ceremony (G&R)
12/23/06 Home with Dylan!

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August 2006
*Home study application submitted
*Completed 2 home study visits

September 2006
*Application accepted 9-11 with Children's Home Society & Family Services (CHSFS)
*Home study paperwork completed 9-25

October 2006
*Gathering dossier paperwork
*I-600a form submitted 10-21
*Homestudy submitted to CHSFS 10-27

November 2006
*Home study accepted wtih CHSFS 11-14
*Dossier submitted 11-27, but state capital screwed up our certifications, so paperwork heads back to Columbus... :roll:

December 2006
*Dossier approved and officially waiting 12-7 Biggrin :D Biggrin
*USCIS fingerprinting 12-13
*USCIS approval 12-20

January 2007
*Dossier to Ethiopia 1-22 Biggrin :D Biggrin

April 2007
*Referral received 4-18!! Yahoo :cloud9:
*Acceptance paperwork completed 4-20

June 2007
*Made it through court and received our travel date for July on 6-15! Biggrin

July 2007
*DH travels to Ethiopia July 12-20
*ELIZA IS HOME July 21 :cloud9:

October 2007
*Finalization in our state and official name change 10-22

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I don’t remember everything exact and I am not home to look but I know the months SO:

JULY – Sent in application to adoption agency and was put on a 4 month waitlist
SEPTEEMBER- finished homestudy
OCOTOBER – I600A fingerprinted
OCTOBER- Homestudy submitted and approved by agency
NOVEMBER- Finished Dossier
DECEMBER- Dossier sent to Ethiopia (the wait for referral begins)

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Re: *Our timelines*

"Mommy2BenjaminBear" wrote:

Feel free to post your adoption timeline and edit as necessary. Biggrin It will be a good way for us all to keep track of where in the process everyone is and will help give any newbies a sense of the timing.

Great idea :!:

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I'm gonna skip all the early stuff and go with:

August 4, 2005 - switched to better agency
August 5, 2005 - Baby born
August 7, 2005 - Received referral
August 8, 2005 - Fed Exed final dossier docs
January 9, 2006 - Left for Guatemala, met Eddie
January 11, 2006 - Adoption completed in Guatemala
January 13, 2006 - Eddie came home!
January 14, 2006 - told DH - I want to go again!

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February 2006 Chose agency. Attended Orientation. Got application.
March 2006 Submitted application.
April 2006 Took training to learn about adopting and parenting children from domestic foster care system.
May 2006 Collected and submitted 8 million items of paperwork, wrote autobiography for self and husband, fell in love with about two dozen children on various websites waiting for a family. Bought our minivan.
June 2006 Waited and waited and waited. Bought children's furniture, painted one of their rooms. (We have two- one for girls, one for boys).
July 2006 Tormented agencies that had not yet submitted paperwork on my behalf to our agency.
August 2006 Got married!
September 2006 In-office agency interview. Continued July work.
October 2006 Prepared home for inspection. Nudged husband into finishing laying down the new floor. Painted playroom. Started painting the other bedroom. Passed home inspection!!!!!
November 2006 Waited. Realized we were getting scammed and lied to.
December 2006 Fired old agency. Hired new agency. Submitted application to new agency with copies of all paperwork I had at home from old agency.
January 2007 Received lots of forms from new agency, completed and returned them. Received tentative match for our maybe baby. Adoption supervisor assigned herself as our new HS worker.
February 2007
2/1,8 - HS visits #1&2 went beautifully!
2/24 and 28 - HS visits #3&4 will hopefully go just as well!
3/31 - Expected HS approval!!!

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HELLO ALL! I never posted my timeline, so I will do it now Smile

May 1, 2006 - turned in adoption registration paperwork to agency
June 20 - July 25th- every Tuesday night "adoption classes"
August 1st - 100% paperwork DONE!
Sept 1st - Profile turned in to agency
Sept 25th - Homestudy 100% completed!!! READY TO BE PROFILED
Sept 27th - PROFILE #1 - Birthmom decided to parent
Sept 28th - PROFILE #2 - not chosen, but another forever family was made!
October - NOTHING happened!!
November - Nothing happened!!
December - AGAIN nothing happened!
January 07 - Nothing going on.
February 07 - Profiled 3 times, no matches
March 19th 2007 - Found out we were pregnant!!!
April 23rd 2007 - Met with agency to tell them I was pregnant. Found out we were allowed to continue with the adoption. We had been profiled 4 more times. No match yet!
May 2007 - No profiling
June 2007 - Profiled a few times, no match
July 2007 - No profiling
August 2007 - No profiling, officially asked to not be profiled anymore until after the baby was born.
September 2007 - Ugh...went into preterm labor at 31 weeks. Our homestudy expired.
October 2007 - bedrest...not much else
November 6th, 2007 - Hunter was born!!!

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Is everyone updating?? I just remembered too

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May 2006: Decided to adopt (finally!) , researched agencies, etc

June 2006: filed I-600A, applied to LFS and started homestudy

July 2006: completed homestudy, applied to Barker, had intake visit, fingerprinted, SWS on hold for new HS's

November 26,2006:HS to Korea!!

Dec. 4, 2006:Saw our daughter's face for the first time!

Dec. 18, 2006 - matched!!! Paperwork started to switch agencies.

Jan. 8, 2007 - official referral

Jan. 11 - referral acceptance papers mailed!!

Feb. 8 - Legals! I-600 filed

March 7 - I-600 re-filed (long story of lost paperwork :roll: )

March 22 - I-600 approval issued!!!

April 16 - Travel Call!!!!

April 25, 2007 - Placed in our arms forever!

April 26 - home!!

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We're not far yet....

November 2006: made final decision to adopt

December 2006: sent in initial application to CAS, application accepted

January 2007: first home visit scheduled and beginning paperwork.

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Has everyone been updating??? Put up your January what's-going-ons... I love reading about our progress.

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I'm starting a new timeline for our second adoption.
3/14/07-started gathering documents for homestudy
3/19/07-CHI decided not to do homestudy for non-clients (us), so we started looking for a new HS agency
4/3/07-First HS visit with new agency
4/10/07-Final HS visit
5/22/07-DTV!! (dossier to Vietnam)
5/24/07-moved up to #10 on list
5/29/07-moved up to #9 on list
7/20/07-moved up to #8 on list

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3/20/07 started classes and submitted most of our paperwork

That's been our progress so far....

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June/July 2007

Researching Agencies Biggrin

July 24, 2007: Sent in application to agency

August 16, 2007: Agency meeting

September 18, 2007: Homestudy meeting. Homestudy almost complete!!

September 24, 2007: Homestudy complete!!

December 4, 2007: Found out we are matched!!! Baby due in January.

December 19, 2007: Sydney Erica is born!

December 22, 2007: Sydney is placed with us!!

June 24, 2008: Finalization!!

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June 17, 2007 - Information Meeting with Agency
July 6, 2007 - Applied for Colombia
July 20, 2007 - Approved for Colombia
Aug 3, 2007 - First meeting with Director
Aug 6, 2007 - Started Paper Chase
Sept 24, 2007 - First Homestudy Meeting
Oct 8, 2007 - Homestudy DONE!
Oct 26, 2007 - INS appointment
Nov 8, 2007 INS approval of Two children. We are trying to get it changed to three children.
Nov 14, 2007 INS approval for THREE children arrived Smile
Nov 20, submitted dossier to the agency
Nov 30, 2007 Dossier sent to Colombia!
Dec 11, 2007 Colombia told our agency our list was closed. We are not trying to decide if we can wait the new timeline of 3-4 years or switch to another country including domestic.

Feb 29, 2008 Meeting with new program (domestic)
April 17, 2008 MATCHED!!!

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I just realized I never posted our timeline!

June 2006- after 3 years of TTC we made the decision to adopt

July 2006- found our agency

Aug. 28th 2006- Our first meeting with agency...application officially submitted

Nov.-Dec. 2006- Homestudy classes and paperwork

Jan. 8th 2007- Homestudy approved and officially waiting to bring our baby home

Jan. 9th- Present - learning to be patient!!

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OK, guess I should start a timeline too...

July 2007- Decide to start the process again. Call DHS to begin again. No calls back...

August 2007- Hear about the CALL in Arkansas. Decide to attend a meeting and speak with the director. Email the CALL, hear back in less than an hour. Attend info meeting, decide to go through the CALL. What a blessing! Fill out background checks that day.

Oct 2007- Begin PRIDE training. CPR classes, then final PRIDE training. Thats 10 weeks worth of classes in two weekends! WooHoo! Have first in home visit, and get our background checks back clean. Fill out the second application.

Oct 21, 2007- Complete final days of PRIDE training. Caseworker ways we are now approximately 2 months from being "open". When we are an open home, our data will be entered into the system to see if any children are waiting who match our profile. We *could* have our son by Christmas or shortly there after.


Nov 2007- CPR / First Aid training.

Jan 2008- Home study first meeting.

Feb 8th, 2008- Attend Heart gallery debut. See a photo of a boy. Speak with his adoption specialist.

Feb 12, 2008-Receive fax with more info about our potential boy. We want to move forward. Final Home study meeting. Now waiting on a call from the specialist that we are officially matched with him. Hopefully soon.

March 2008- Loose our match. Best thing for him, so we're ok with it. DH deployed- will be home in August. Hope to have a match by then.

August 21, 2008- Get a cal about two boys in care. Call as many people as possible associated with their case.

August 22, 2008- Meet the boys. Will add legal names after the adoption is final, but their nicknames are Jae and Rion. They are with a really great foster family right now, and are considered low legal risk. That means they have not yet been TPRed, but are on the path and should be soon. We are nervous, because we really only wanted legally free- but after speaking with the boys' attorney and the head of DHS (and we have met the judge who is in charge of their case) we feel comfortable that it truley is a low legal risk.

August 28, 2008- Gotcha Day. Also is Jae's third birthday.

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Our timeline is just in its beginning stages...

June '06: Two weeks before our wedding, a tumor is discovered on my thyroid.

July '06: We get married, honeymoon, return and face scary news... possible cancer.

Aug.'06: Tumor is biopsied and determined pre-cancerous.

Oct. '06: I have what will be my last period to date; hot flashes increase, sleeplessness, etc. (All signs of the news to come.)

Nov. '06: I have surgery to remove partial thyroid and entire tumor.

Dec '06-April '07: Thyroid completely out of whack; I gain 50 pounds almost instantly, fall asleep any time any where, and hot flashes become VERY intense.

April '07: Diagnosed with POV--premature ovarian failure, or "early menopause" thanks to my thyroid issue. Told that bio children are not likely, even with fertility treatments. Ultrasound reveals few eggs; IVF really not an option. I am CRUSHED.

April-Oct. '07: I battle with grief, depression, grief, anger, grief, sadness, grief, denial, grief...

Nov-Jan '08: DH and I become increasingly confident about adoption option. We know we want to be parents, and consider International or Minority (Domestic) adoption.

Feb '08: Will attend our first adoption meeting at Holt International... our baby is out there somewhere...

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I am just starting out so I will keep it updated as we move along.

Feb 2008- researching adoption agencies

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We are in the [COLOR=blue]UK. Just thought i'd mention it because things are different over here.[/COLOR] Smile

End of November 2007: Sent off our expression of interest form to our local agency.

December 2007: Received acknowledgement letter from local agency.

7 February 2008: Received phone call from local agency. We have been allocated a Social Worker.

16 February 2008: Not heard anything yet about our initial visit. Contacted two voluntary agencies.

18 February 2008: Received email from one voluntary agency asking me to call them. EEEP!

19 February 2008: Contacted one voluntary agency by telephone as requested and advised that it isn't the agency for us as they only place children over the age of 4.

20 February 2008: Our Social Worker called from the Local Agency. We are booked in for our initial visit on 6 March 2008!!!!! Biggrin

6 March 2008: Our initial visit went very well. We are clear to start the process as soon as we like and we don't have to wait a year after our last loss. We have some thinking to do!

10 March 2008: After long deliberations we have decided to try once more for a bio child. We will revisit adoption in a couple of years.

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I've posted on the timeline thread several times before and each time I think it's for sure, LOL, so who knows anymore.

However, we have picked an agency which is farther then we've ever come before. We can afford it this time, and both DH and I are really happy about it. Ironically, if I had really listened to DH a year ago we probably would have chosen this agency then as it fits most closely with what he's wanted from the beginning. After researching every other option I'm finally in agreement and we're both thrilled. I started looking into adoption December 2006 so no one can say we rushed into this:-D

As for the actual timing, we're going to start the paperwork to apply to the agency as well as take the classes in May 2008. Since we're going the domestic newborn route, and since we feel like it's in the best interest of the child to adopt a Caucasian or Asian child, and since we want a relatively healthy baby, we'll likely be waiting a long time. If, by May 2010, we still haven't had a placement, they'll negotiate a partial refund with us. I hope it doesn't come to that!!! But that's the only timing we can be sure of.

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ok - so we are taking our first steps again

5/21/08 - contacted rep that was listed under waiitng child's picture- also reached out to resource worker that we met a year ago = child is already being pursued by 2 other families that are much farther along in the process

June 7th - next meeting with Resource worker to begin paperwork

Finished Application - our Family Resource Recruiter will pick up or application on TOMORROW 7/2/07

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1/10/08 Attended information meeting with Adoptions from the Heart
1/25/08 Sent in application
2/15/08 Attended first of a two part education class, given paperwork to complete
3/08 Completed all of the paperwork and clearences, gave to agency
4/5/08 Homestudy and unoffical approval
4/15/08 Completed all 16 profile pages to be sent out to all the different agency offices
4/17/08 Filmed DVD for Birthparents to watch
5/08 Dear Birthparent letter posted on Adoptions from the Heart website
11/21/08 Got "THE CALL" while at the airport waiting for our plane to visit DH's family for Thanksgiving
11/22/08 Went to the hospital pick meet the birth parents and bring our son home!!!
7/02/09 Finalized Joshua's adoption

Just waiting for the call now.

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5/08 Received call from social worker regarding our great nephew who is in foster care.
5/08 Made decision to begin adoption procedure after many long talks
5/08 Get notification that interstate compact for both states has been approved
5/15/08 Sent letter to foster parents and child introducting our family, along with a few photos
6/08 Returned all paperwork, applications, reference requests, etc.
6/20/08 Fingerprinting completed
7/1/08 Homestudy interview and inspection completed
7/10/08 Spoke with foster family for the first time
7/13/08 We get to meet this child, yay!
7/14/08 My fingerprint card rejected by machine that reads it, go in to be re-fingerprinted.
7/25/08 Second visit!!!!!!
7/29/08 All paperwork completed, sent to state for approval, needs to go to other state's ICPC office
8/13/08 Third visit scheduled!
8/20/08 Fourth visit!
8/24/08 Fifth visit, long day visit scheduled!
8/29/08 Homestudy approved by both ICPC offices
8/31/08 Sixth visit! Lots of fun!
9/10/08 Seventh visit!
9/12/08 First overnight visit scheduled!
9/15/08 Parenting/kinship classes start
9/17/08 Visit
9/19/08 Weekend visit
9/26/08 Move-in date!
3/09 Projected adoption

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"joannttc2" wrote:

ok - so we are taking our first steps again

5/21/08 - contacted rep that was listed under waiitng child's picture- also reached out to resource worker that we met a year ago = child is already being pursued by 2 other families that are much farther along in the process

June 7th - next meeting with Resource worker to begin paperwork

Finished Application - our Family Resource Recruiter will pick up or application on TOMORROW 7/2/07

7/4/08- handed application
8/1/08- recvd call from CW regarding making appt to get homestudy/license
9/1/08- will begin pride classes

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Spring 08 - inquired into International Adoption, but waiting to save money
06/08 - found out about a local BM who wants to give her baby up for adoption
7/25/08 - mailed Profile Book to BM
7/31/08 - received call from Social Worker to get more information as BM likes us
8/1/08 - spoke with Social Worker and provided our DSS Contact
8/4/08 - set up meeting with Social Worker for 8/13, she said BM chose us
8/13/08 - met with SW and was told we could start to prepare for B to be placed in our home
8/14/08 - received word that BM signed
8/22/08 - still not heard anything from SW since meeting, but did hear from BM side and it doesn't sound like she changed her mind...waiting now for SW
8/25/08 - Spoke with SW and set up overnight visit for 8/27
8/27/08 - Met B at our home at around 11:00a.m., she is so adorable and such a happy baby
8/28/08 - Kept B overnight and everything went great, SW advised they would be placing B with us on 9/2 while adoption process was underway...YEAH

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We finally have a decision. We are going with Holt International and have chosen the Philippines.

Nov 25th, 2008 - Submit Application to Holt
Dec 13th, 2008 - HS meeting

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jan 6th 2010 - called by friend asking if we would consider adopting a baby through a lady at church... we said ok,
jan 7th 2010 - met with lady and family,
jan 10thy - told they would like us to adopt baby...
jan 14th baby boy born 2 weeks early .
jan 17th took bubs home

feb - march - april, may - BM disappearing, can't sign anything...
june 18th 2010 BM signed guardianship papers.. yay.. getting there..
June - papers before the court.