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Adoption resources

When you come across helpful sites in your research, post them here so we can get a good list going. I'll compile them into a large list of both domestic and international resources.

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International adoption resources

Domestic adoption resources

Attaching in adoption

Misc. resources - specializes in adoption related books - multicultural kids party supplies - "Adoption Today" magazine - focusing on transracial adoptive families - "Adoptive Families" magazine - Robeez Heart & Sole program, donating Robeez to children in orphanages. If you're traveling internationally, contact them a few months before you travel to see about donating some Robeez for you to deliver! - awesome site with books and toys related to Ethiopia and the Amharic language - great link on the site with Amharic word pronounciation. - started by adoptive parents to offer more education for other adoptive parents on legal/ethical issues, and other topics like first families, attachment, transracial adoption, ethnic identity, etc. There's also a forum, you just have to register to gain access to that.

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These are all domestic sites I have found.

This site is like a directory of photo listings.. IT's wonderful it has both Domestic and International

This is just a couple I have found..


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I know this is a bit different but very important:

This is a wonderful company they have tons of books from infertility to how to talk to you child about adoption

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I just had a phone call from ROBEEZ (pronounced Robbie's)
They are sending us 25 pairs of little shoes to take to other children in Colombia when we go!
They want you to have at least 6 weeks before you travel in order to receive the shoes in time.

here is the link to the Heart and Sole Program.

What a neat company!

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For NJ
Children's Aid and Family Services

Division of Foster and Adoptive Family Services (FAFS)

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Adoption Home Studies for the DFW area

I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Angela and I'm an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) in Dallas, Texas. I am now offering adoption home studies. Please take a look at my web site and pass it on to anyone who may be in the Dallas area and looking to get their home study completed.

Thank you!