Bad news, good news and bad news again

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Bad news, good news and bad news again

Well the first bad news is the the placement with the twins fell through. They were both born at good weights and healthy. We went up to bring them home the night before they were set to be released and bring. Them home the next day. When it came down to actually leaving them, birth mom changed her mind, even though she can not legally bring them home. S they are in foster care care now for an indefinite amount of time.

The good is that we were chosen again, exactly one month later. We found out about Stella on Election Day afternoon. We went up the next day Wednesday to visit her in the NICU, she was in there due to meconium aspiration and also the fact that she had the drugs in her system that her birth mom was doing. She was released Thursday afternoon and we brought her home. She has been home now for almost 8 weeks and is happy and healthy.

Now for the other bad news. Stella's birth father is refusing to sign his papers. He is in prison for at least another 10 months on a parole vilolation... He got drunk and high and passed out naked when he thought that the birth mom had lost the baby (Stella). He was in agreement at first when the agency talked to him on the phone, agreed that it was best for her to be with us. When they were finally able to get into the prison to get him his paper work, he had changed his mind and refused to sign the paper relinquishing his rights. Now we are forced to take him to court to hopefully have him stripped of his rights forcefully. We wait until Stella is 4 months old and have him charged with child abandonment. Being in prison is no excuse, he could have his family step up, but they won't. They are all on our side and will testify against him if he fights us. Hope it doesn't come to that though. Really hope the judge sees that Stella will be much better off with us than with him. When he gets out, he will be living in a house with other criminals and has no job prospects. We will hopefully know what will happen by the end of March, beginning of April.

Please pray/think positive thoughts that Stella will be able to stay in our family. Just seems like we can not catch a break.

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Wow what a whirlwind situation! We currently have a placement with a little girl as well. We got her right from the hospital and we have NO idea what's going to happen, but are hopeful. It's a hard place to be in, especially when you know she's in the best situation she could be in with you. It's miserable knowing that there's any chance she might not be with you forever. Our little one is 6 weeks old right now and we're waiting to find out about a petition on the 29th. If that doesn't go through our chances are pretty decent I think. Mom has three kids (including our little one) and she doesn't have any of them and has no follow through so her chances aren't great. Dad refuses to claim her as his at all, and there's very little family support. So I can kind of understand your situation.

I'll be praying for you that this works out and is resolved very quickly. It's a hard spot to be in especially after all you've been through. :bigarmhug: Will be thinking of you! KUP!

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Praying for you both, and these precious little girls