Court next week

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Court next week

Just a quick update. We're trying to prepare for court next week which we're really nervous about. It's to set the case plan and to make a decision about the petition that was filed. We're really nervous that she could be leaving us after this court date, but had some kind of weird things happen today at visitation.

When we got there mom was acting a little weird and handed me an envelope that I waited to open until I got to the car. Mom had written me a letter about how happy she was that we were caring for her first...and then she went into telling us that she's upset with us because we've given her pictures of another child and not her own. I was REALLY confused. She even gave back every picture we had given her since baby girl was born and the album we put them all in. So...yeah I didn't get it. I went through them just to make sure she didn't get them mixed up with something else and get confused. Well, they were all baby girl so I didn't know what to do.

I called and managed to reach someone at DSS. Apparently, mom was having a psychotic episode and has been thinking that her kids aren't her kids. She thinks they're changelings or something and that they've been swapped out for other kids in foster care I guess. She's saying this about her son too (who is not in care). She even thinks that when his dad brings him that he's not his dad and he's been changed out for someone else and she says she's mad at the dad for letting some man bring him or something.

Needless to say, I was pretty upset. Baby got her 2 month shots today and felt awful and is also teething early so she didn't feel good to begin with and then the visit was weird. I hated having to wait to go back to get her at the end of the visit when I knew that her mom wasn't in her right mind and was off of meds.

We're hoping they are more likely to leave her with us in care since they all seem to like us and give us praise all the time for how well we're handling it all. The person who filed isn't a blood relative, fictive kin, I believe it's called which means it's probably a friend of the mom's or something. I hope they won't allow them to get her because I'd be concerned now about mom just showing up all the time to see if it's still her baby or if it's the other one. Weird weird weird visit. It's very sad for mom but I'm mostly worried about how this will effect baby girl if she ends up being closer to the family situation.

Positive thoughts and vibes and prayers are very much appreciate as we go into court next week. I know we don't have all the facts but we believe baby girl would be best with us right now even if she has to leave later. At least if she's here we know she's safe. So we're hoping for good news Tuesday.

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Hugs and good luck next week. That would totally scare me about the birth mom, sad that she won't take her meds.

For the teething have you considered an amber necklace? I did not use one but have had friends who raved about them.

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Leah I knew your next court date was coming up so I've been lurking Smile

Oh I hope all goes well and I'll be stalking this like crazy Tuesday waiting to hear the news Smile I've been updating some of the other ladies we board hopped with as well and everyone is pulling for you!!

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Good Luck. I think if she has a pattern of not taking her meds, psychotic episodes like that (that could lead to neglect and or abuse), and already lost custody of her other child I doubt they would ever allow her to gain custody of the baby. As for a friend petitioning they arent going to have as much pull as a bio relative would. You are more likely to have more pull in the case based on the fact that the baby has been with your its whole life, and has only known your home. Also these other people would have to go through all sorts of the same stuff you have as far as certifications and such. And, if this person lives with the mother I would think that would be a HUGE strike against them given her mental illness.

I truly pray that the baby stays with you, and that the court sees that its in the baby's best interest to stay with you.

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Good luck this week. Hugs and positive vibes to you. Please keep us posted on what happens. We are all rooting for you.