Match # 2

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Match # 2

Well this could be it. We have another match. Not sure of gender yet ultra sound July 6, due date Sept 4. We are so excited to start this journey but are hesistating telling to many. We just signed the match paper and submitted the risk money. Going to talk to birthmom tonight. The whole story it quite amazing the birthmom had alread picked a family but when they found out there was a chance this baby would be African/American they backed out. And then for us having a match already and finding out the little guy had Downs. I think this is it though. So many things to start thinking about not even sure where to start.

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That is fabulous!!! Hoping it works out for you this time!!!

But it sad that they did not want it because of his race. My son is Caucasian, Japanese and Iranian, but you would never guess about the last 2, he has the same skin as his white birth mother.

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Im just now seeing this!!!! How exciting! I understand why you'd be a little reserved considering what happened last time. So its the 11th...what's the sex??? Smile