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    Oh my GOSH!!! I posted a BIG long reply when Beebs was born and it didn't post!!!!!!!!!!!
    Long story short... He was born in april - we took him home with us the day after he was born. It was rough for everyone, and devastating for his birth fam. Adoption is NOT for the faint of heart - and for people who just say, "just adopt!" I will kick you so hard in your knees!!! Adoption is so much about lives .. peoples lives... in a BIG way. It's beyond just wanting a baby - and you're not "saving a baby" - you're part of something so much bigger than that. Adoption is a deep and emotional investment not just for the child, but for his birth family as well.
    We are fortunate to have such a great relationship with Birth Fam. We chat online and share photos very regularly. Our situation worked out perfectly for everyone. He is beautiful and healthy and wonderful. We're waiting for our court date... not sure when it'll be... but his First Momma signed the papers 6 days after he was born - along with his First Dad. So now it's just a matter of time till all the legalities are finalized.

    Those preparing to adopt - please pray every day and make sure that the birth family is a good match for you. Also, please don't rule out an open adoption if it's safe for the child... His birth fam didn't think they would want one, but we just prayed that they would change their minds... and they did! It is SO GREAT having them continue to be a part of their lives. One day he'll have questions that I can't answer... but I know who can.

    My little guy fills my heart with so much joy and love... Even our family that worried if they could "love an adopted child like one of their own" has fallen for him. He's no different to my parents than their biological grandchildren - if anything, he's more special because he was chosen.... Because God timed our lives with another family and gave us this amazing gift.....

    -- Christina
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    Mother of an Angel, Noah Ryan, born and went to heaven 12/30/2007. Delivered at 23 weeks due to Incompetent Cervix.
    Ovarian cancer free since 12/27/2006
    1/1/2011 Choosing to adopt!!
    4/21/12 Brought home our BEAUTIFUL son!

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    That's awesome! You are so blessed! Congratulations on your little boy.

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