So anxious...

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So anxious...

So anxious... Once again we are on a short list. Social worker called on Thursday evening with a situation she wanted us to consider... baby due early November, has moderate bilateral clubbing of both feet, but should be easily corrected with surgery and braces on for a few months after the surgeries. We gave the go ahead to show our profile on Friday afternoon. Not sure when they were shown, I'm guessing maybe Saturday, but it was probably sometime on Monday morning/afternoon. Now we are just waiting to hear back either way. Last time, the baby had already been born at 28 weeks gestation and wanted doctor updates to go to the adoptive family, and the birth parents had the adoptive family chosen by Thursday morning. Not sure how long it will be this time before we hear back, since the baby is not due for a little while yet. Hopefully, we will hear something before the end of the day tomorrow (Friday). If we haven't heard anything, I guess I will call the agency to see what happened on Monday sometime. Just so on edge waiting to hear back one way or the other.

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Dani, lurking, but I remember you from ttcal. I'm excited that you seem to be waiting for another baby, very exciting! Smile