10/17 is...

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10/17 is...

Wear something gaudy day.

Who came up with this one??? Ah, here's who:

The roots of this day go back to the hit 1970's television comedy show "Three's Company". Larry Dallas (played by Richard Kline), one of the characters on the show, declared a Wear Something Gaudy Day.

Nice. Just when we thought we'd gotten rid of "Krissy" once and for all.

(Ok, am I a wealth of useless information or what?)

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It's also happy boss day.

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Hmmm... Gaudy or Boss? Seeing as how I am (technically) self employed...

I can reward MYSELF with a GIANT diamond ring!!! PERFECT!!!!! Best day EVER!!!! Biggrin

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I think you need to post these the day before so we have forwarning. If I had known it was "dress gaudy" day I would have planned ahead. Smile

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Good idea Rachael.

I shall accomodate. Please see next thread by me.

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Lol sweet, pretty much everything in my pregnancy wardrobe fits this description!