3 safety seats -- what kind of vehicle

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3 safety seats -- what kind of vehicle

Hi ladies,
We've got 2 kids in 5 pts harness seats (the safety first brand) and 1 in a high back booster seat.
We're in need of another vehicle my Saturn is dying a slow death and we CAN'T fit 3 carseats in it. we have a mini-van so its not like we're without but we would like to have a 2nd vehicle that would fit all of us.
my DH does NOT like SUV's so that is not an option.
so...... what ideas do you have????

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Look up on Edmonds.com what the "rear hip room" is on your current car, and then figure out how much more you would need, an inch, two inches, four, six? Then you can look at some of the cars you're thinking about to see how their "rear hip room" compares. For instance, my old 1997 Ford Escort had 49.4 inches of hip room while a 2011 Ford Taurus has 55.8 inches, nearly 6.5 inches more room. Pretty much any "full size" sedan should fit your array of car seats. And you could probably also buy smaller car seats for less money than a bigger car, especially with gas savings. You might also want to consider something like a Mazda 5 or Volvo wagon that has a third seat(s) that can be pulled up for those times when you need to fit everyone.

But really, you just need to try the seats in the car. My old car would fit two boosters & a convertible, but not a booster & two convertibles. However, my "new" 2006 Ford Escape, which officially has only 0.3 inches more rear hip room, is three inches wider overall and that offers enough extra space that I suspect I could probably fit a booster & two convertibles if I had to.