Abdominal pain in pregnancy!

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Abdominal pain in pregnancy!

Answer Box: I'm 16 wks. Lately whenever I get up from a sitting position I have to brace myself for a sharp pain across my abdomen. It goes away once I've moved around but definitely takes my breath. Is this normal or should I try to get in with my ob?

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Unfortunately, this is hard question for someone to answer. It can definitely be normal and a part of the stretching process. There is a whole lot of that, and it does feel painful at times. Then sometimes there is relief and then starts again during other stretching the body must go through to prepare for the baby and allow its grow.

However, I would honestly say to get yours checked by your doctor because no one would want you to ignore something that might be important for your doctor to at least know about. Nothing is silly. Your doctor should not mind any issue or question you have. At least you can call the nurse for advice, and chances are she'll let you know if there's something to be concerned about or if your doctor would like to see you.

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ITA with Aisha, call your OB. At this point in pregnancy, your belly should not be so big that it should be causing you anything that would be described as pain. If everything checks out well with your OB, then see a chiropractor experienced with pregnant women. They can do wonders making sure your back & pelvis & hips are in proper adjustment to handle the changes that come with pregnancy. Also consider getting a belly support belt as your belly keeps growing. Hope you feel better soon!