Abdominal Surgery & Pregnancy question

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Abdominal Surgery & Pregnancy question

Hello Smile

When I was ten days old, I had abdominal surgery (pyloric stenosis). All was good and well until my liver moved into the opening, causing the situation to get worse. I had multiple surgeries over the course of three months including pyloroplasty.

The scar is from a little after my upper hip to above my belly button (diagonal). This is one thing my mother didn't ask, but as I got older, it's something I started to think more frequently about.

Also, I had breast surgery done when I was 17 for fibrocystic breasts.

What will happen when I get pregnant? Will my surgery for my breast interfere with breastfeeding?

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Not sure what exactly you are asking - do you mean what will happen to the scar? I'm no doctor, but I would guess it will stretch with your belly. Odds of it rupturing are probably pretty slim since it's so old, and those of us who have c-sections manage to carry further children without very much risk of rupture at all.

As for the breast surgery, again I don't know for sure, but unless you had the milk ducts removed for some reason you probably have no problem breastfeeding.

Sounds like you should really discuss your concerns with your doctor though, as they can give you proper medical advice and will be familiar with you and your medical history.

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Just anedotal from friends that have had various breast surgeries. It is more difficult for them to breast feed, Before getting pregnant I would find yourself a wonderful midwife and do some exams, mammogram and ultra sound, to see how your insides look. IF things get hard just realise there are others that have been there, and you are not alone, nor a better or worse momma if you have to alter birth plans or nursing desires.