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AF question

Hi ladies. I wasn't sure where to ask this so I thought I'd ask here. I also saw there was a question similar to mine but my situation is a little different. A little background. I had twins in sept 2011 and AF returned when they were 7 months old. It took a few months but my period become very regular. The 27th day I get horrible cramp, she shows her ugly face on the 28th day and I hemmorage for two (like I changing a super tampon about ever 1-2 hrs. By day 3 it turns into a regular flow and by day 5 I'm spotting. Well this period I had no cramps at all (yay) she hit me like a ton of bricks on the 28th day (saturday) around 11 am with my usual heavy flow. But by Sunday morning I was barely spotting, meaning my "period" lasted less then 24hrs And it was watery and pinky/red. This continues on Monday. Today the sporting has continued but it's less frequent but when I do it seems to be more red then before. I'm not under my stress right (actually everything's wonderful), my diet hasn't changed. The only difference is that the babes have cut out one nursing session Becuase I returned to work.

Any ideas? I'm a google-er and everything that keeps coming up is bad. Should I wait till next month and see what happens? Thanks in advance Smile

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I've always had irregular periods, and sometimes they've been incredibly short. So it could be nothing. It could also be a missed m/c (your doc could diagnose that with a blood test if this happened very recently). While that would not be good, it's also not something that is chronic. My inclination would be to ask a nurse midwife, as (in my experience) they usually know more about the variables of women's cycles than most obgyns.