Allow trick or treating?

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Allow trick or treating?

Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): Do you allow your kids to go trick or treating (with you or another trusted adult?) Some mom friends believe it is too dangerous now even within our nice family friendly neighborhood and are trying to get people to keep their porch lights off. We have looked forward to our kids getting old enough.

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Oh yeah!!! Halloween is a big deal here, I wouldn't miss it. Our neighborhood is mostly apartments so no one ever trick-or-treats here. We walk to one of the more single-family-home neighborhoods nearby where everyone decorates & hands out treats. We go with a pack of friends so there are a bunch of adults to keep an eye on a bunch of kids. The kids know to never cross any street, to stay with at least one friend, and to wait at the corner for everyone else to catch up. It's so much fun, I can't imagine withholding this fabulous autumn ritual from my kids.

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We are jealous here that Halloween is not as big as it is in the States!

We try our best to make it big, so we throw a party every year. Also, our island has started doing an event in the capital - last year it was the trial of Jinny the Witch. It was SO good.


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We love trick or treating here! We are actually sad that not many in our neighborhood hand out candy. There are a lot of empty nesters/elderly pp and they aren't as interested. So usually the kids from our neighborhood head to areas where it is populated with pp who love Hween too. It's more fun with loads of kids out in the 'hood anyway. My BIL actually does a neat haunted house maze in his backyard so we usually go there to his area. Our kids would be so bummed if we didn't go. They used to do a safe alternative Hween on the auditorium here where you stood in line outside for a good hr then when u got inside u went from table to table where businesses had donated candy. We never went though half the fun is walking around the area to get the candy!