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Hi Ladies! I am quite new to this and not even sure if i am doing this right. Anyway i am 5 weeks pregnant from ivf!! I was so happy to get my BFP!! But last week i was told my thyroid levels were slightly elevated and i had to be put on a medication to regulate it during pregnancy. As soon as i started taking i started to get extreme anxiety and panic attacks. I called my nurse and she told me to cut my dose in half. I did but the anxiety is still there. Today i called back and she said it could take a few weeks for my system to get used to the meds. I am nervous about having anxiety because i feel this could cause me to miscarry from too much stress. I hope it levels out and i am trying to be patient but this is killing me. Anyone else suffer anxiety during a pregnancy and go on to have a healthy baby? I need peace of mind!!!

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Welcome! I would encourage you to join a birth board. Go to the quick Navigation bar at the bottom of the screen and click on the board you are do in.

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Some natural things that wouldn't hurt the baby that might help with anxiety are-
Yoga, or Tai Chi, breathing exercises, maybe get into a group, I like Dr. Lam, you can buy his dvd's, he is very mellow I use his Tai Chi for arthritis.
Bach Rescue Remedy (it is flower essence extract) you put drops into water.
Chamomille either herb as a tea/tincture or homeopathic remedy.
Valerian (herb) more intense stronger herb, I took it during pregnancy it helps with sleep. But I also gave it to infants when teething for example
Kava Kava, helps a lot with nervous tension, I have Restless Leg Syndrome and it super helps with that. (check online on HERB website about pregnancy for this one, not on medical dr websites, they don't want to use anything "natural :)).

Foods--- things with Tryptophan - it helps with the serotonin in the brain :).. google.

Drink lots and lots of water to flush the extra meds you took... and to help your body process this new med. Consider calling another dr for a 2nd opinion if it gets too bad or doesn't go away.

Good luck!

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What dosage did they give you for your medication and what is slightly elevated?

A lot of women get anxiety during pregnancy for various reasons, many for the same reasons you may be feeling anxiety. I would find someone to talk to about your anxiety. Take a look on your birth board as often ladies post their concerns over there and are a great resource for talking, venting, or sharing ideas for handling their worries. Pregnancy can really take a toll on us emotionally so it's always good to reach out more during this time and develop more social support. Rivergallery has some great ideas as well.

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I can understand your anxiety. You've been through a lot to get pregnant. IVF in itself is very stressful and you fear something happening during your pregnancy. Also, the hormones from pregnancy could increase anxiety. I agree, join a birth board or come join us over on the IVF board. There are women there that may be able to share in your experiences.