Anyone have experience with...?

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Anyone have experience with...?

Hi Ladies,

Wondering if anyone had experience with spotting before AF? How many days before? How long are you cycles? How many DPO do you notice the spotting? Do you know what caused it?

Anyone ever have a polyp or fibroid? If so, did it cause spotting? When it your cycle did you spot? Were you still able to get pregnant?

The reason I ask: I've been tracking my cycles since July 2011. Luteal phase was about 9-10 days, with spotting starting 1-2 days beforehand. I started 50 mg clomid CD 5-9, 1st IUI attempt I started spotting 12 days post, and 2nd IUI I started spotting 11 days post. Last year when I had my progesterone tested CD 22, it was 9.8. (why RE started me on clomid) since being on clomid it's been 15, 17.5 & 14.2 (generally same time each cycle)

My RE thinks that either a polyp, fibroid, or infection is causing the early spotting. I don't know much about these things, so hoping someone here has had some experience.

FYI - we are doing IUI due to male infertility. I haven't had much testing done other than BW & US.

Thanks for any info!!

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I have no advice, but wanted to wish you good luck!

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I have fibroids but never had spotting. There are three types of fibroids, ones inside the uterus, ones in the wall of the muscle of the uterus, and ones on the outside of the uterus. Mine are in the wall/muscle. Maybe ones inside the uterus can cause spotting?

Sounds like you might have a LP deficiency. Have you been prescribed progesterone to use after the IUI to lengthen the LP?

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Femara is suppose to be better for lining, which in my mind could have something to do with spotting./

And I second it, ask about progesterone after IUI.