Anyone planning another???

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Anyone planning another???

Just wondering if anyone is thinking of more?? I have been blessed with 6 beautiful babies and the kids have started making noise about a new baby Smile I have mentioned this in passing to one or two friends and my goodness if you had seen the look of horror on their faces!! Is anyone else having this problem? That societies view on what your family should be is different to what you have??

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Hi! Welcome to!! I hope you decide to stick around and get to know us here. This is a great place and a super group for support and understanding! We have a Large Families board filled with wonderful ladies who have more than the average number of children and I bet you'd fit right in there with them!

I am the oldest of 5 children myself and I know that we used to get looks and comments in public when we were all out together. My personal view is that if you want to have more children, go for it!! As long as you can love and support them you should have as many kids as you want. There will always be those who don't understand and who could never imagine being able to take care of that many children, but luckily, it's your life, your child and a decision for your family to make, not society! That's my 2 cents on it.

Again, welcome and please check out some of our great boards! I think you'll like it here!

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I would love another (or more) but DH is absolutely against it. We can't afford the ones that we have, so I understand him there. If we were ever to get to a great financial standing, however, and I could be a SAHM, I absolutely would want more babies!

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Nope, we are done too. I have had two rough births. Pregnancy was ok, but once delivery, I had problems. Especially, with my second child. I would love to have a third, but shots for blood clots would be involved and I would probably be at high risk. Plus, there is the money thing Smile If you can / want more - go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Me! I'd love another one, so would my DH and kids. I am too scared though at the moment. I've never had a gap this large between my kids for one, and our financial situation is not great at the moment since my business went bust. Plus I have really painful and complicated pregnancies and that's my main fear at the moment... I'm hoping to spend the next couple of years getting into a better place financially and also physically/health-wise and then maybe go for it. But I don't know if it will ever happen if I'm honest. Plus my broodiness comes and goes. I'm really broody now, was worse a few days/weeks ago, but actually it's waning a bit now and I'm looking at our 7 kids and thinking it actually works quite well the size we are, and it's relatively comfortable like this and we'd have to make a lot of changes to have any more babies that I'm not sure we really want to make right now....

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It's funny how a lot of society feels like 2 is the perfect family. In fact, people rarely ask me if we plan for more, especially since we have one or each. (maybe because our youngest is getting older too, as TTC has dragged on) As long as I can remember, I've always wanted a bigger family, two was never a "choice" for me. My husband of course has all the financial concerns, but I grew up in a family with 4 kids, and while we did not have as much of a lot of my friends, we grew up happy and just fine! Probably had to work a bit harder, but nothing wrong with that. So that has never been a main worry for me. Financially, it is reasonable for us to have another child. I got started a bit late and knew there wouldn't be enough time for A LOT of kids, maybe just 3 or 4. I'm hoping I get a 3rd, at least, but it might not be in the cards for me after all. I think my husband's family would be shocked to know we are going through IVF when we have 2 already! (We haven't told them yet-I am a little worried about their reaction.)

Anyway, I think you will eventually know in your heart what you want and what is reasonable for you and your family. Definitely different things work for different people, so if it works for you and you want it, go for it!

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No more kids for us, I had my tubes tide after the birth of our 7th child.

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"mw7_7" wrote:

Nope, we are done too. I have had two rough births. Pregnancy was ok, but once delivery, I had problems. Especially, with my second child. I would love to have a third, but shots for blood clots would be involved and I would probably be at high risk. Plus, there is the money thing Smile If you can / want more - go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MW7_7 hi! You were from the jan 08 forums right? My username back then was Fluromandy Smile Good to see you are still around, I've come back while TTC #2. Congrats on #2 for you!

And yes, we only have two between us but we are trying for another which would bring us to a total of 3 children. I can imagine having a big family now but a few years ago I would have been horrified by having more than one (I never really wanted kids when I first got pregnant) but now I would love more Smile I say good on you if you want more and you can support more children then good on you!

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We just had baby #5 and we said we were done and my ob office called to get my tubal set up and I said no I changed my mind! I want another one and if I have to wait I will! Hubby has asked that I get the IUD and if we want more in a few years we will take it out, if we don't I will get a tubal. I don't want another baby right now but I really feel like were not done, we always said 6!

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I really honestly don't know the answer to this question. Looks like I'm in the minority of posters, because I just have one!

I love love love Laszlo. But I'm just not cut out to be a SAHM. I don't know that I'd like to, or could, pay out childcare for more than one. I grew up in a family of five kids and we had very little --- based on that experience, I'd like to provide more for one than less for many. But that is just me!

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Don't have any yet but I always wanted four. Right now though after almost 5 years of TTC I would be happy for 1!! At least I know we won't be using birth control ever again!

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i have 2 right now, and we are not in the best financial situation. i've always wanted more, like 6 or 8, but i have wicked morning sickness and i've convinced myself in my head that 4 is as many as we should ever try to have.

at this point we are waiting at least 2 years before discussing another, between money and our life goals like buying a house since we'll need more space for a larger family and getting out of debt, we ran through a bad patch that included infidelity a few months ago and i want to get some more counseling under our belts and make sure we are happy with the life we can have together before we consider more kids.

someone once told me "when you're done, you know it" so anyone who doesnt KNOW therefore isnt done according to her.

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We have two children, and I would love to have another 1 or even 2..but that will be sometime next spring before we can ttc.