Baby Needs A Name (XP)

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Baby Needs A Name (XP)

We had 2 names for a baby girl but now that it's a boy we need a name. :help1:

Lexi Kay
Zayne Michael


We've got NOTHING!

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My favorite boy's name is Alexander... only I have no boys and if I were to have one, my husband will not go for that one...

Good luck!!

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I love the name Mason but DH won't go for it :/ I also love my friend's LO's name - Declan or Dex.

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I, too, like Mason! I really like Gavin and Isaac, as well!

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I like Maeson as well!

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You'll come up with the perfect name. But it is tough, I agree.

Here are some that I think go with the two you have already.


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Oh I am loving all the Mason lovers out there!!! (I am biased as it's my son's name: Mason Charles).

Declan is kewl too. Like Gavin as well. They all sound a little similar.

I'm also pretty big on traditional names as well.

GL - I know you'll find the perfect name!!!

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Ok I just sent DH a text and he says he likes it...Grayson...what do you guys think?

We've also been talking about

Zayden (too close to Zayne?)
Aidyn (DH's favorite but I don't like that it's in the top 10 and has been for a long time)

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I love it!

DH is insisting on Parker if we end up with a boy, I'm still unsure about it tho.

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I LOVE Grayson!

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I like Grayson Smile
If I would have had my way this last time around our littlest guy would have been named Ezra but dh did not like it.

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Love Greyson!!

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Gotta say I love the name Grayson/Greyson Smile

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All of my kids' names came out of this book. It's awesome for those of us looking for usual names!