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    Hello! My name is Jamie, and I was an active member of PO about ten years ago(EmmaMCmommy). I am expecting my second little girl six days before my daughter, Emma's, tenth birthday. This pregnancy has been much more difficult than my first, but I find myself not doing as much research as I did to prepare for my first daughter. I am 22w5d and to be quite honest, I am so scared about the prospect of giving birth this time around. My daughter was an extremely easy delivery, though premature. I am on progesterone shots, weekly, and this may be a silly question....will those shots make the delivery process any more difficult? Now, to the most important question, and why I came back to PO..I was not able to breastfeed my first daughter, I was just a child myself at the time, and my milk flow did not come in. Breastfeeding this little girl, is the most important thing to me this time around. What things can I do now to stimulate milk flow? Well, Thanks everyone!

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    Hi and welcome back. I am on the shots as well. I haven't heard anything about them making it harder. good question though.
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