bad grapes?

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bad grapes?

Hey everyone,

I ate a few grapes yesterday, like maybe 5 or 6. The first one tasted really horrible as if it was bad or just a really odd taste. The rest I just washed again and they seemed ok. I then didn't feel like eating dinner last night but didn't really know why. Then suddenly from no where I started vomiting. I hardly made it to the bathroom it was so sudden, but it was just once. Then I felt better. But today I'm having vertigo for a few seconds at a time, randomly. Do you guys think the grapes were bad or maybe I just picked up a virus? My kids had eaten some grapes too. My 3 y/o spit one out saying it taste gross. But he ate more and even today they ate some. They all seem fine. Should I throw the grapes out? They don't look bad or seem bad.

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While the more likely reason is a virus of some sort, my personal philosophy is if I thought some food *may* be a contributor to vomit (particularly within a large family where it can be passed around... and around... and around again :roll:), I weigh whether anyone else has commented (including my 3 yr old that truly is generally a good judge as she'd eat most anything. LOL)

If so, and there is a doubt -- I toss it. It just isn't worth it to me if there is a shot at not having to clean up after more littles :sick:. If it is something spoiled, I have at times called or brought it back to the store for a refund.

I hope you're feeling MUCH better today.