(Apologies if I have posted this before)
Bit of background: I am 29 years old and was put on Limotrigine in Aug 2011 for possible Bipolar II. I suffered from insane mood swings and mania, but no depression. It has helped a lot so far, but now I am tired of waiting to TTC and my DH is finally on the same page as me.

I have decided to taper off the meds because I can't risk the birth defects, no matter how small the chance. That decision however puts me at risk of relapsing into the horrendous mood swings and mania that I was experiencing previously.

I would lik to hear from you regarding experiences with TTC/having babies while having Bipolar II, or while being on Limotrigine:

Did you choose to stay on the meds?
What led you to your decision?
If you decided to go off the meds: how was your pregnancy? How were you after delivery?

My sincerest thanks in advance for sharing your stories.