Birthing class - benefit or waste?

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Birthing class - benefit or waste?

Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): I am weighing various birthing methods and wanted to sign up for a class. Which method did you choose and did you find that a class helped you prepare for labor or was a waste of time & money? Thanks!

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I haven't been through labor before and I haven't completed my classes yet but the course I signed up for is called a Child Birth Education class as opposed to a birthing class. This course doesn't focus on a single style of birthing technique; it focuses on educating the expectant mother and her birthing partner on the mechanics of labor and birth as well as the different pain-coping techniques available (including pain medication) and also education on different birthing options. This is exactly why I signed up for it because I felt that one specific technique might not be what I needed in the end so having knowledge on multiple techniques appealed to me.

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I loved my birth and breast feeding classes -- so worth it. In fact without my class, I would not have thought my contractions were "real" since they aren't typical -- both times, they were low and shooting down the front of my thighs. I took them when pregnant with my first, but didn't repeat them later.