Bruises and poop - opinions please (XP)

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Bruises and poop - opinions please (XP)

So my 16 month old bruises pretty easily. He had a bruise from his flu shot for a week. He got bruises on his thighs from "sliding" down the ladder at the ped's office (they have a bunk bed style ladder for the kids to climb up on the exam tables).

He almost always has small bruises up and down his back.

The other thing is his poop. I know, by 16 months you'd think the poop questions would be all answered by now. He goes from constipation to diarrhea almost every day. My older son has this issue too.

The ped says it's not celiacs since both kids are thriving. But I dunno. My 1st cousin has celiac's so it's genetically possible.

Any thoughts? I've always really trusted my ped but I must tell you that I'm starting to doubt her a bit.

I guess what I'm asking is should I insist on a CBC or some other test, or am I just being paranoid?

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I think a mother's instinct is always right and that you should push for the tests. At the end of the day, what harm would it be? That way you will then know either way!

GL and KUP.


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Christina, given what you have shared, I believe this is one of those times that I would request further testing. I'm not sure if you have the option - but maybe schedule a visit with a different pediatrician (can you temporarily switch without moving all of your records until you decide?) Something that I learned a few years back from one of our chat event guests was that you may wish to ask not only for the blood test but also a stool analysis that apparently can be more accurate in diagnosing celiac disease or other food sensitivities. I looked up one of her articles which you can read here. While I know very little about celiac disease, I have learned to trust my instincts. This is not one of those subjects that you would be overreacting on, but your worse case scenario is that you could rule this out and have your doctor help you continue to seek solutions for whatever is going on with your little one.

Let us know how things go!


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for a short term help for bruising get some arnica Smile

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My nephew has Celiacs and is a thriving teenager. He was 15 when he was diagnosed. So if you feel like you need testing done then push for it.
With my nephew they did a blood test that was + for celiacs and then proceeded with a gastroscopy.
As it turns out my nephews dad and grandmother both have been diagnosed since.

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Do the blood test for them, before I even read your comment on Celiacs that's the first thing that popped into my head. You can thrive and have Celiacs disease, that is not the only sign/symptom.

If it was me I would do the blood test, keep feeding them gluten until then, and after the test pull gluten from their diet completely (no cheating) and see if they improve. It took my sone 3 months GF before his poop issues (sandy poop in texture) cleared up 100%. None of the tests are 100% accurate and I think removing it from their diet is the best test.

Good luck!


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With regards to the poop, I have no idea. Have you tried adjusting their diet? As far as the bruising, personally I think that some people bruise way easier than others. I'll get a bruise from bumping my arm, certainly from having an IV... pretty much anything, and my mother is the same way. It's not a bad idea to get a second opinion with the poop thing though...