Is building a love of reading in your child a goal this year?

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Is building a love of reading in your child a goal this year?

Here's a resolution that you're bound to keep: Bond more with your child through reading! Even a few short minutes has proven benefits that last a lifetime! Learn "What early reading can do for your baby's mind" and get started today!

Does your child show a preference for short stories, poems, or songs?

One of my favorite companies (Cricket!) is sponsoring us this month! (No - I don't get a kickback! They just fit my passion for connecting my own kids with a lifetime love of reading!) Throughout this month, Cricket is offering us an exclusive discount that I'll be taking advantage of for my own family. Learn more:

Want to build your child's IQ and give them a firm foundation for their educational career -- all while providing them with strong emotional bonds necessary for stable relationships in their future? The solution is simple. Read to them! From their earliest age, reading has proven benefits to last a lifetime!

Introduce them to the magic found within "BABYBUG" -- a beautifully illustrated and well-written magazine from the Cricket Magazine Group! With durable pages, non-toxic ink, and rounded corners, these are perfect for little hands to point and explore time and again!

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