Cervix and BH Question (XP)

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Cervix and BH Question (XP)

Hey ladies! I've been having a couple days of BH that last a couple hours and then stop. Last night I had really bad stomach cramps that I figured were gas and ended up having diarrhea. Well, I checked my cervix this morning just to be sure all was well and it was so high up I couldn't feel it where last week it was right there. I can't remember this happening with the other two. What are your thoughts? Should I be concerned??

PS Baby is still moving well and I haven't had any BH today.

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What you have described seems fairly normal but of course contact your medical care provider if you remain concerned. I found one of our midwife q & a's at around the same stage as you that may offer some tips for you.

Wishing you only the best! I haven't had time to "stalk" in a while! Do you know whether you are having a boy, girl, or opting for a surprise? Smile I'm excited for you!


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Like Missy said, if you're concerned about something, always contact your OB/MW... but it just sounds like normal BH to me. Good luck!