Choosing Baby Name: Smooth sailing or.. ?

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Thread: Choosing Baby Name: Smooth sailing or.. ?

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    Default Choosing Baby Name: Smooth sailing or.. ?

    Selecting a name for your baby is among the first decisions you'll face as a parent. There is that careful consideration of determining what characteristic you wish to focus on -- such as one with special meaning, one that follows family "tradition, is either "unique" or old-fashioned, etc.

    For a couple to come to an agreement on naming their baby -- it can be a real bonding experience or feeling like you are setting up for a WWF wresting match!

    Vote in our poll about your venture in baby naming. (For those with multiple children, you'll have to pick just one in the poll to focus on but certainly feel free to share about your other children within your post!)

    We are planning on doing a fun article on this topic and would love to have your input! On this post we'd also like to know *how* you finally decided on a baby name:

    Did you...

    • pick a letter of the alphabet to name all your kids or maybe an alphabet pattern (all your kids' names begin with a vowel or are in a row (Alice, Bradley, Cecelia...)?
    • write lists... lots and lots and lots of lists?
    • use a baby name book or popular name list?
    • use a family name (or allow your extended family to help pick?)
    • let the internet pick the name (web polls, online random name pickers, etc.)?
    • name your child after a favorite character (book, movie, etc.) or famous person (political, celebrity, or athlete)?
    • wait 'til birth and then selected a name that "fit"?
    • use some other method to your madness!?
    If your quote is selected for use in our article, we'll share the link with you as one of our special " Contributors"!

    Thanks in advance! We can't wait to hear from you!

    ~Missy (

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    I voted based on this pregnancy - we have basically used every website, app, family member, friend, strangers, etc to help us name this child but we are still at a loss. I'm getting stressed/annoyed because every time I think we have it narrowed down to one or two names he wants to go back to the drawing board.

    With DS we didn't even know the gender and we both agreed on a boy name and a girl name and stuck to it the entire time. Why can't it be that easy now?!
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    With DS1 DH liked the name Liam and I liked Blake. He would NOT agree on Blake so we went with Liam because I liked it too. His middle name is Kyle after DH but also because I always liked the name before I even met DH so it fit!

    With DS2 I still wanted Blake, no go. I heard a little boy named Avery and loved it and so did DH so now we have Avery! His middle name is Cole after me, my middle name is Nicole.

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    We went through a lot of fertility treatments so we had tons of time to talk all this over. We decided early on to go with all C or K names after my first name that starts with a C. We had our name picked out if he had been a girl from before we conceived, but had a harder time with boy names. I loved the name Corbin and DH liked it but wasn't totally sold. Ultimately he couldn't come up with anything he liked better so we went with that. He totally loves the name now and is so glad it's what we named him. We already have names picked for baby #2 even though we aren't planning to have him/her for quite some time. All our kids will start with either C or K. (we have Corbin right now, and for a next baby we have picked Cohen for a boy and Kinley for a girl).

    As for middle names - Corbin's middle name is after my dad (Gregory). Baby #2 will either be Cohen Baldwin (dh's middle name and his mom's maiden name) or Kinley James (DH's first name is James).
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    With both of our kids, we both had our own favourites during the pregnancy, but we couldn't agree!
    I spent time going through baby books and writing down names on little slips of paper when they "came to me" or I heard them in passing. Once I trapped DH on a long car trip and we went through a whole baby name book! We came up with more options, but nothing that both of us LOVED.
    Once the kids were born, they both went a few days in the hospital without a name. By the time they were 2-3 days old we would finally come to a consensus! Unfortunately, DH feels he had to give in a little to my wishes - what husband won't give in after their wives have just pushed out a baby?!?!?!

    This time around I am giving DH a little more say, since I feel bad for shutting him out in the past! Thankfully, with just 5 weeks left before our due date, I don't mind his choices for first names! We probably won't decide for sure until baby is born, but it's nice to know that the names he has in mind are quite nice, even if they are not my favourite!

    Also, this may turn out to be our 3rd child with a name starting with "E"! We didn't specifically plan it that way, but the names we keep coming back to all start with E's!
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    Dh's family hasbeen using the letter 'D' for names for 2 generations already so we were the third. Now that eliminated a lot of options right there! Not only did it have to begin with D but it couldn't be any of the D names that already riddled though both our families!

    We scanned some books and came up with our choices pretty easily. The last was the hardest as I was very fond of an already used name but then fell in love with Daisy...
    Dylann 11/03, Drew 6/05, Daisy 4/10

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    We both had names that were our personal favorites, but none of them matched up. So we ended up getting a baby name book and going through those. Once we had a list of "I would be okay with these names" list, we went back and forth for a while. Finally, on a 5 hour trip to Vegas we decided on a name. I guess a 5 hour drive with nowhere else to go will get a name picked! LOL
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    With our daughter, picking a name was super easy... in fact, we had two girl names picked out while we were still engaged- seven years before our little one arrived on the scene! This time around, we found out we were having a boy, and naming him was a total nightmare! We picked out a name in the third trimester, only to have DH change his mind when I was 38 weeks pregnant. We finally came up with a compromise... when we were sitting in the hospital holding him in our arms! DH picked his first name, and I picked his middle name, but we're calling him by his middle name.
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    i voted easy, peasy........we like short simple names...

    dd#1.......easy......we both loved the name sarah and there ya have it.......sarah jessica(long before i knew who sarah jessica parker was...LOL!!!!!)
    ds#2...... easy.......we loved the name max.....and we used my dh's grandfathers name as his middle..........max edward
    dd#3.....we both loved the name lily.......but it seemed like everyone around us was having a we came up with lucy......and well violet is my favorite lucy violet
    dd#4......she took the longest to name.....she was baby girl almost my whole pregnancy......about a month before delivery dh says" if we rearrange baby, it spells abby........i like abby" we tied her name in with lucy's and i have my flower girls....abby rose
    ds#5.......we both loved jack......and my dh's name is jack daniel......and since he is #5.......we had a chuckle, but yes, jack daniel it is!!!!!!!!

    i don't think we had any fights, arguements, or even any stress over baby names....and finding out the sex, gave us plenty of time to concentrate on just ONE name!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!

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    We picked out the boy name when we discussed getting pregnant again (we're really hoping for a boy this time). I had a few names I really liked (about 10) and I put them on a list and had him narrow them down. Then I figured out J names for the middle name and tried the few names that were left on the list (I think maybe 4) with the different J names (my husband's middle name begins with a J so if we have a boy, his will start with a J). Then I found a name that just seemed to flow real easily and asked DH what he thought. He really liked how the name sounded, so we kept that one (we have a back up name, just in case, but he doesn't like it as much).

    For the girl I had a list of names for the girl too. He didn't want to discuss girl names ha ha. He said it would jinx us. Ha ha. I would just tell him some of the names I really liked, and he would shoot them down (by making them rhyme with something horrible or even what the names reminded him of). We couldn't agree on anything! Then I found a name and he was only okay with it, but then after I kept saying the name I didn't like it anymore! Eventually I heard a name over and over (in a book, in a movie, even one of my friends saying she she was going to the city, Savannah) and it grew on me. And I was like wow I think that might be "the name". I ran upstairs to ask him what he thought and he stopped what he was doing, thought a bit, and said yeah he likes that name. Ha ha so we have the first name picked out! We will worry about middle names later (which will begin with an E to match mine and out two girls we already have).

    We actually just came to an agreement on the girl's name last week or two ha ha. And now that we've got the girl's name, I feel a lot better if we have a girl (meaning I won't be devastated if we have a girl and not a boy, which I was scared I'd feel that way since we had the boy name and sometimes even call my bump by that name, and call the baby "him" all the time).

    Guess we will see mid November the sex of the baby (hopefully)!

    With our other two, my first one is Isabelle Elaine. Since I was a little girl (after seeing the movie Step-Mom) I LOVED the name Isabelle (although in that movie it's spelled Isabel) and vowed I would name my daughter that. I liked the middle name Sky but her biological dad (who now has nothing to do with her) said no way. So I went with Elaine, after my best friend who passed away at 16. It flowed really well.

    With our second her name is Lorelei Evelyn. After watching Gilmore Girls repeatedly the name grew on me. Again it's spelled different then how I do (Lorelai I think). And I got Evelyn from a Great Grandmother's middle name (I saw it written on a family tree in my baby book). Plus it worked really well that it was an "E" name (I hadn't planned it until after Isabelle was born). My now husband loved the name and it flows really well.
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