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Oh my gosh, I work with the most annoying person I have ever come across. He is a sarcastic, nasty male and everyday we argue because of how he speaks to me! I'm really not sure how to deal with him other than shoot him down everytime he has a dig at me. I don't want to have to take it to my boss because that isn't me, but by golly, he's gonna get a smack sooner or later haha.

Anyway else have to deal with horrible co-workers? Tell us your stories.


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When I worked for a building society there was a manager who was a nasty piece of work.
The first day I met him I had a cold and he was really rude to me. The next day I saw an email meant for someone else being rude about me.
Then I made a mistake and he had to be called and rather than dealing with it professionally he slated me down the phone to a colleague. I could hear every word.

The worst was where I work now... This us a bit heavy... M/c mentioned.
I was doing a job I was rubbish at and not getting the help.
One particular Monday I had started a chemical miscarriage so I told me team leader and saud I would need help. He smiled and walked off.
A couple of hours later I told him again... And again hexwalked off smiling.
The 3rd time I was so behind and I was finishing my shift so I told him and as I left he started swearing about me... Calling me really inappropriate names.
I didn't hear it but a friend told me.
I started crying and complained.
He took the biscuit!!
I changed departments and we are civil to each other.