Coming off the pill...

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Coming off the pill...

For those of you who have been on the pill and come off of it, how long did it take you to get your first 'real' period?

We came off the pill and decided to ttc straight away, now the wait is driving me nuts!!

I came off the pill 2nd of Jan, have tested using hpk on the 3rd of Feb and the 6th (3rd gave me a convincing evap line but 6th was BFN)

I'm wondering if I should just test weekly until AF comes?

I know it can take up to 3 months to get your first period and I have heard stories of it being even longer I just wanted to get an idea of how long on average it takes? Also what kind of withdrawal symptoms did you experience and how long did they last?

Thanks in advance for your help Smile

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I recall getting mine after about a month... no longer than that.

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I never got one, after being on the pill for 10 years I was pregnant two weeks after going off Smile I got a BFP on June 9th after stopping the pill May 13, so I suppose that it would have been about a month for me had I not gotten knockered?

Good luck to you!

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I got mine pretty much right away, although it took 2 months with my DD and DS to get pregnant, and 4 months with this one.

The only 'withdrawal' symptom that I got was my hair falling out like crazy! The Doc said not to worry though, I went on birth control right away after DS and never really had that post baby hair loss, so he figured that was what it was, just 2 years late Smile

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I remember when I went off the pill last year. I got my period right away and it was HEAVY! The cramps were horrible. I came off the mini pill.