Convincing partner for fertility tests -- for HIM!?

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Convincing partner for fertility tests -- for HIM!?

Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): I've had fertility testing after TTC for 2+ years. How on earth did any of you convince your partner to get his sperm counted (and tested?)

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Tell him he has the easy part! He needs to check his ego at the door and realize that it is just as likely that it could be him with the problem.....when we decided to investigate further why we were having trouble getting and staying pregnang, it was with the understanding that we were in it together,and whatever testing they suggested was the next step.

If your partner is not being cooperative about being tested , tell him he can have the next transvaginal u/s if he would prefer that to supplying a sample !

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Great answer Audrey! Loved it!

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There just wasn't any question. We weren't getting pregnant, and we went for fertility counseling, and they said, here are the simple things we'll check for first, and one of them was a sperm analysis. My DH laughed about that, since we'd gotten pregnant with our daughter pretty much without trying, but he did it willingly to check off the box of possible options. Personally, if my partner balked, like *really* balked at sperm analysis when I was going through everything else (hello, daily blood work???) then I'd have seriously reconsidered having a child with him.

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Good question! My hubby was okay with it until he learned what he needed to do. He still hasn't done the test -- in our case, it most likely isn't an issue, but still... On one hand, I can't say I blame him, how on earth are you suppose to "produce" with no lubricant! Plus, in our case, we have two children and DH was only willing to try for another because it was important to me. So, less pressure / emphasis on my DHs part in the first place. But, my RE isn't willing to discuss things further until he has the results! Good luck and if you come up with an answer, I'm all ears!

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I had to go through this myself and I just simply stated that I've been poked, proded, ultra sounds, transvaginal ultra sounds......the least you can do is jerk off in a cup for us to figure out what's going on (sorry to be so blunt, but it's the truth). It's not like he has to be poked or have someone do it for him like women do. Good luck

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My dh wasn't thrilled about having to do it. I pointed out to him that he'd watched me go through 6 full term pregnancies, 7 painful births (1 a loss at 14 wks) and 2 m/c (at that time). I had hemmorhaged twice and had to have the placenta manually removed (can you say yowch) with the 14 wk loss delivery. Not to mention all the pelvic exams, t.v. u/s, blood tests, fertity meds, temping, menstrual pains, etc. It might have been uncomfortable for him but it was nothing compared to what I had gone through and still had to go through. This is also why he'll very reluctantly be getting a vasectomy after this baby arrives. It's definitely his turn for this stuff!