Could I Be Pregnant?

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Could I Be Pregnant?

Okay, here's all the information. My LMP started late in the day on December 31st and lasted only a couple of days until early in the day on January 2nd, 2012. This is the regularity of my period. Starts at the beginning of the month and only lasts two to three days. Based off of this information, my ovulation cycle would be around the 14th to the 21st, correct?
At 1:00AM on January 16th, my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex. Since then, I have been feeling nauseous a lot, had bad backaches, cramping in my pelvic region, and my breasts are extremely tender. Now, today, I was wiping, and there was a light pink discharge when I wiped. A couple hours later, I went the the bathroom again, and it was a darker color and a little bit heavier, but not consistently heavy like a period would be. I also have been cramping today. Now, I have been reading forums about Implantation Bleeding and how it varies from woman to woman and some may be very light in color and flow and others may seem exactly like your normal menstrual cycle, and be more bright red in color and a little bit heavier. It has never "leaked" like a period normally would, but every time I go to the bathroom, there is blood (almost clotting) when I am done peeing. But then, like I said, it stops and doesn't flow unless I am going to the bathroom.
My period isn't due again for at least another week and a half. Last night, I also took a pregnancy test, and it came back negative, but I think it might have been too early to read anything.
Question one: Is this Implantation Bleeding?
Question two: Could I be pregnant?
Question three: When would be the best time to test again, seeing as conception would have only been about a week ago?

P.S. I am hoping that I am pregnant, as me and my boyfriend have been trying!

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BUMP. Anyone? Please?

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Having sex there is always the possibiliity of becoming/being pregnant. When testing it's best to wait atleast until the first day of your missed period.

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Just as Dewey said, you really can't get a good test result until the first day of your missed period. Try again then. Good luck!