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I posted this in another section as well: I'm 7 DPO. I had cramping during ovulation and then it stopped. It was different than the last time where the cramps sort of continued lightly for a little while after ovulation. DH and I DTD the couple of days prior to ovulation and the day of ovulation. This afternoon/evening, I've been having really subtle cramping. It's not constant cramping - more like "shots" of cramping every once in a while, if that makes sense. Is it possible that AF may show sooner (I had a 30 day cycle last month and am currently on CD24)? This is my second cycle off BCP. Is it possible for this to be implantation cramping?

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Sorry it's so hard to wait!!! It could really be either an early AF or implantation.

I hope it goes great for you and we'll be seeing a couple of pretty lines in a few days!!!

I know lots of women who got pg their 1st month off BCP and others who took a while before their systems regulated, it's a toughy. GL, get some rest, and KUP!

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Not sure what it may be... but good luck!