Crazy Busy Day Breakfast

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Crazy Busy Day Breakfast

I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. shouldn't skip it yada, yada, yada

So when morning doesn't cooperate, what's your go-to breakfast as you're rushing out the door?

When one of the kids had 7 a.m. soccer practice or before school driver's ed, just getting up seemed to be a challenge. I handed or they grabbed an apple and a hand full of almonds. Not the best breakfast ever... Do you have a stash of goodies for those morning the clock moves faster than the kids? (or faster than you lol)

I'm writing an article and would love some ideas to include. thanks,

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Smmothie, chuck some berries ( I always keep frozen ones in the freezer) milk, yoghurt and anything else you wantwhizz while you shuffle kids about, fill a lidded cup or water bottle or something and drink on the way. My DS used to drink his smoothies from his sippy cup.

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((don't hit me!))

I actually just make everyone get up in time. If we need to leave earlier, then we go to bed earlier the night before and get up in enough time to sit and enjoy a breakfast. NOW

I always have fresh fruit on hand. Most my boys like dry cereal too, so in a pinch everyone would get fruit and some dry cereal I guess!

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protein bar and banana

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I don't know Joee, maybe we should gang up on you. lol I am so not a morning person and unfortunately a couple of my kids don't move very efficiently early in the day.

Usually it was me that missed breakfast. I kinda tend to bumble through the morning and things happen. I swear, if morning were just later in the day, I'd really enjoy them. A typical morning might have been -- pancakes and scrambled eggs, on table; we all sit down to eat. Okay, not me because I'm still cooking pancakes. An elbow and milk glass collide. Milk loses. Wipe that up, snag a new shirt for the tiny tot who was in the way... Glance out the window and notice chickens are in the garden. Shoo those out and close the gate. Turn pancake... Eventually, I'd snag a leftover pancake and wrap it around some scrambled egg and head off/out for the day.

After a few chaotic mornings, I learned to plan ahead. My favorite was to put a batch of steel cut oats in the crock pot with apples, milk and spices. It would be ready and waiting. Also had quick goodie bags in the freezer -- healthy muffins, home made breakfast bars and our versus of eggs and muffins. When an emergency pushed a real breakfast onto a back burner we could snag a piece of fruit and something from the freezer.

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Wow...we are really bad sometimes....we live quite a distance from school and some mornings it is just a nightmare getting dh and kids out of bed.

It's not unusual for us all to have a zip-lock bag containing a cheese sandwich, an apple and a banana to eat in the car on the way to school/work. I think it's healthier than them having the sugar packed cereal that I end up buying (because DH and ILs make me out to be a control freak if i don't let them have it). I like putting the cheese in the sandwich as cheese is good for protein to keep them full until morning tea and they don't particularly like salads in their sandwiches.

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Our school prefers that the kids eat breakfast there so that they know all the kids are getting breakfast. It works for us because we don't have to worry about it. If we are going somewhere else though, we just get up early enough. In a pinch, orange slices and dry cereal have been or go-to. lol

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We usually have fresh fruit on hand, as well as mini bagels, and small bags of almonds. We also do smoothies, protein bars, string cheese, etc.

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I always make sure my kids are up in time enought to have breakfast. I don't buy quick things like pop tarts or anything like that for them to have.

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We don't have anything too early, but if we did I'd wake up extra early to allow time for breakfast. Wink However, if our alarms didn't go off and for some reason my kids would sleep in, I guess I'd grab an apple, banana, and some granola in a bag to eat in the car.

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I'm not yet a mother, so I don't have to worry about getting the kids ready and fed, but I too am NOT a morning person, so lately I started making instant oatmeal for breakfast. I buy one of the low sugar/high fiber instant oatmeal in individual packets - add some water or milk, zap in microwave for about 1.5 mins - add cinnamin & whatever fresh fruit I have on hand. So simple, easy and keeps me full until lunch!

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Well I am the pathetic one of the bunch. Most days breakfasts are easy (cereal, bagels, eggs, toast, pancakes made before and frozen, etc.), but on days where I need to be out the door by 6 or earlier to go to a drs appt with Eli, it's poptarts. I know that is sad, but in my defense Dakota is autistic and has severe sensory issues to food and won't eat most fruits or other things. I'm just thankful he eats.

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Toast with peanut butter on it or dry cereal in a baggy.

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protein bar and maybe a piece of fruit

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I'm usually pretty good about getting DD breakfast, but more often than not, I skip it myself.

I have cereal bars, granola bars, and fruit on hand for time-crunched mornings, although when she's motivated, my preschooler will wolf down a yogurt in just a few bites! :eek: