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Thread: (Crime Discussion) Megan Roberts of Oxford, MI

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    One of my friends posted on facebook this morning that she died last night. This is very sad a father beat his daughter with a bat while she was sleeping. I thought you guys might be interested in this one. I live about 20 mins away from Oxford so I was crushed. Just don't understand people. I know what he says happened but who really knows??

    Check out the link http://ambrosecriminallawblog.com/20...megan-roberts/
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    "However, according to his attorney, Kelly allegedly stated that he had blacked out at the time and has not recollection of the alleged beating stating that when he came too, he saw what he had done and immediately went to the police station to turn himself in. His attorney is pressing for him to be examined by a forensic counselor and to be using an insanity plea because he is very suspicious of mental health issues."

    If I wanted to kill someone I would plead insanity too.
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    This is such a sad story. It sounds to me that he's pleading insanity only to try to get a lesser sentence. The murder of any human being is always sad, and it's a shame some people are so selfish that they choose to make the decision of life and death when it's not theirs to make.
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    If that was the case, that he had blacked out and just beat his daughter up for no reason whatsoever, surely he would be hysterical with guilt?! Yet, they say he showed no remorse?!! That is not a father who 'accidentally' beat his child to a pulp if you ask me. That poor girl, if she survives with no lasting injuries to her brain she will for the rest of her life wonder how her father could do such a vicious thing to her!!

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