Decorator advice -- furniture color

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Decorator advice -- furniture color

I'm looking for some decorator advice!

We are changing our home office (in the basement) to be a tv/rec room for the boys.

(I used to work from home, and it made sense to have an 100% dedicated office. Now that I do not work from home, it seems decadent.)

The room is currently painted a light aqua color (practically the color of The trim is white (baseboards and door). The floor is Pergo (laminate) in a traditional oak color.

The couch is red:

The rug is this one:

I thinki I am going to buy a tv stand, coffee table, one or two end tables, and perhaps a small computer desk for this room. (As an aside, this will be the first room in the house that is not hand-me-down, mismatched furniture)

Would you recommend white furniture (to go with the trim)?
Black furniture?
"Wood" colored furniture? (This will all be laminate or veneer, I'm have three young boys so I'm under no illusion that this will stay nice for too long. )

I'm planning on getting the furniture from Ikea or someplace similar. My budget is not very large.

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Love the couch Smile

I don't think I'd go white or black. Black can be nice with kids but with a red couch it might be a bit strong.

Fake wood is ok when you're talking tables for kids to be around. Ikea has some great stuff in that department. If you're going for simple go with the "lack" as it's simple and cheap so when the kids ruin it you won't cry.

We have 2 of the lack tables in the basement and one on the screened in porch. We've had them for a little over a year and they've held up well (I've got 5 kids).

I'm not great at this stuff, just thought I'd throw in a plug for Ikea since we've done pretty well with their stuff. GL - post pics once you've done it!

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My Dh is the decorator in our house so I probably shouldn't give you color opinions. However, I will agree with PP that Ikea tables are great when it comes to having little kids. We have an Ikea coffee table and every time my DS spills or colors on or near it I can shrug it off since it was only $20.

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our Ikea table sucks.. like scratches from anything and everything! I hate that part about it but, at least it is holding up. We paid 60 for that could be why I get annoyed when it scratches so easily. I like our metal and thick glass entertainment center, no scratches or chipped paint. If you want to go bold, I say black. If not I would go with a warm colored wood. Biggrin