Does size matter

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Does size matter

Hello everyone, good evening. Just a little something bothersome. Well I am 29wks yet I am measuring 34 weeks. So I am thinking there may be two. The doc says only one was seen but that was two months ago could one have been hiding. Just a little thought.

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Did you have your 20wk scan? I assume thats the one you mentioned that you had two months ago?

I would have thought it would be pretty unlikely for a baby to hide in the 20wk scan...I could be wrong though?

I measured big with my daughter, she was a normal size and due date was accurate. There was also a normal amount of fluid in the sac, I was just carrying big Smile Sooooo many people told me to go check that I wasn't carrying multiples lol

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I measured big with my DD too. Dr thought she was going to be a big baby when in fact she was 5 days overdue and weighed 6lbs 10 oz.

I would think that the Dr would hear 2 heart beats or they would have been seen on the 20 week US.

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I agree that you're too far along to hide a twin. You're probably either carrying a big baby or your dates could possibly be wrong. I measured a good month ahead with my last pregnancy, and ended up being induced at 38 weeks and had a 9lb 1oz little man! Just make sure your OB keeps an eye on things for you!

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They wouldn't miss a twin pregnancy at a 20 week scan. With my third baby I consistently measured 3-4 weeks ahead, my midwife said I had a lot of amniotic fluid and he ended up a big baby (for my frame) at 9'2. Try not to fret Smile

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I agree with other posters so far! I measured up to 6 weeks ahead with my LO...turned out that he was a decently-averaged sized baby (8 lbs 2 ounces when he was born at 41 weeks, 1 day). I just had lots of amnio fluid!

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i measured 3-4 weeks ahead with my boy, he was 8lb 11oz when he was born @ 39w3d and even though ultrasounds didnt show an abnormal amount of fluid, there sure was A LOT. like 1.5 hours after i asked them to break my water, when i started pushing, it was STILL gushing out with every push! but i think from the back you probably couldn't even tell i was pregnant because he was all out in front! sometimes babies lay in a position that makes them measure bigger!

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I was huge with all of mine and 5+ weeks ahead some OB visits. And they always said the baby was big, but in the end the growth did not keep up at that rate and I had babies ranging in sizes from 6lbs13oz and 8lbs9oz. I am just someone who has a lot of water with my prego's and the water makes them look bigger on US then they are and makes me look huge.