Dry winter scalp -- what to do?

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Dry winter scalp -- what to do?

Wow, this hasn't happened to me in years! We're not even halfway through December and already my scalp is so dry & itchy & flaky! It's so gross. :puke: Dandruff shampoo irritates my scalp, and conditioners leave my hair feeling greasy. I normally wash my hair every three days with a non-sulfate shampoo, and use a spray-on conditioner on the ends (not on my scalp) when necessary to control tangles & frizz. That's usually enough but now the cold weather has really sucked all the moisture out of my skin, and that includes my scalp. What to do? I can't slather my head in the lip balm or hand cream that keep other parts of my body from doing this.

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Coconut oil before bed, the night before you will be washing your hair. I found my non-sulfate shampoo too it out just fine. Massage it well into your scalp. You hair would like it too.

We found coconut oil at Target, in the food section. It's solid at typical room temperature, but melts instantly in your hands.

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A hairdresser friend had me switch two of our older kids over to a shampoo with tea tree oil. Here are a few other links that I found for you:

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