Earliest Pregnancy Symptom

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Earliest Pregnancy Symptom

Hi all - I wasn't sure which board to post on, so I thought I'd start here....

When was the earliest after conception did you start to notice pregnancy symptoms? I'm not looking for textbook answers - I'm familiar with implantation, and how hCG isn't present until after implantation, so most symptoms don't start until then - however, I've also read a ton of other threads and posts (on other sites) about how some woman notice symptoms only a few days past ovulation! Therefore I'm looking for personal experiences....

I ask b/c about 1-2 DPO I felt very nauseous on and off all day, never threw up (otherwise I would have thought I had a stomach bug) and have felt cramping in ovaries/uterus area for every day since....I do realize that when TTC the mind can play tricks on you, and/or you question EVERY single thing that occurs within your body.

Or maybe I just felt sick b/c it was around ovulation - then again that has NEVER happened....

Thanks in advance for your experiences Smile

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Ah yes, an age old question Smile

I think I've read a bazillion obsessions on this site regarding early (really early) pg symptoms. I'll speak only for myself but I say this because you will be able to find at least one person who will swear that they too had symptoms as early as 1-2 dpo. It's different for everyone (which is part of the whole coolness of it all).

I was actively TTC-ing with my first two and I can honestly say that I did not have a clue that I was successful until I took my HPTs and got that lovely BFP. BUT when I looked back after getting the BFP I realized that with my first I had very small nauseous feelings and a low backache. With my 2nd I had some tiredness and sore bbs too. Shortly after the BFPs with both of them I had nausea, sore bbs, and other early pg symptoms.

With my last it was different. He was a happy surprise so I wasn't really thinking about being pg at all. In fact I actually thought I was getting AF because I had bled. Well, low and behold what I thought we AF symptoms were actually pg symptoms!

I hope you get what you are looking for and that everything goes beautifully for you!

In the mean-time, happy obsessing!!!

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With my first I was doing fertility drugs so I have no idea which symptoms were from that or from pg.

This time I tested at 12dpo on a whim, having NO IDEA I could even be pg. I tested because the whole week before I was really sleepy by 7 pm ever night and had been getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. So I would say it was about 7-8 dpo that I started feeling something but at the time I never thought about it...I just thought I drank too much before bed and I had worked too hard or was coming down with a cold that made me tired. Looking back, if I was TTC at the time, I would have been POAS way sooner than 12 dpo.

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Constipation!!! That was my first symptom that made me suspect before I got my bfp. It pretty much started right away. Then was tender boobs and lots of cm, which started a day or so before I tested. Hope this helps!

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ahhhh - yes obsessing has begun!! I often wonder how people who are TTC don't obsess!! LOL. Smile

I'm only 5-6 DPO - but I decided to POAS this morning, and of course BFN, I realize that it's too early.

Does CM usually increase if you are pregnant?

Thanks for all the inputs ladies - it's nice to have a group of supportive women. Others sites I've lurked on people can be harsh or mean....NOT HERE Smile

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"TMarie1016" wrote:

Thanks for all the inputs ladies - it's nice to have a group of supportive women. Others sites I've lurked on people can be harsh or mean....NOT HERE Smile

That's why pg.org can't get rid of me! I'm done having babies but I like to stick around and hang with all these incrediblely awesome women!!!

As to your question - yes, cm can definitely increase if pg. But I gotta say I didn't notice that with any of mine until after my BFP's but I totally would guess that it's possible.

Hey, with pg anything's possible!!!

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Did anyone have a UTI or yeast infection in early pregnancy?? I don't really have any discharge, but mostly just burning sensation. I haven't had a yeast infection in prob 5-6 years, and never had an UTI....so not sure what to think....thoughts???

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I had no real early pregnancy symptoms with my first other than feeling insanely emotional....like ridiculously emotional. and that only started a couple of days before BFP. HTH

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TMarie, funny you should post about UTIs. With my last pregnancy, although it was very short, I *thought* I was getting a UTI at first. I had to drink lots of water or else that's how I felt. Drink lots and lots of water and see if that helps. I've always had UTIs later in pregnancy too, btw. If drinking water doesn't help, I'd see my doc. They can be dangerous when preggo for baby. I'm sure at about 6dpo or so I had a crazy hormone surge and felt.... well crazy emotional! Lol. Then about 9-10dpo I had cramps in my uterus. That's *always* my telltale sign and I've had it with all three pregnancies. HTH and you get your +HPT!!! When will you test? (so we can stalk you)

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The only symptom I ever get is that my boobs get all tingly and sensitive. I never have morning sickness... not once with four pregnancies, so sore boobs was always the telltale sign for me.

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My first sign of pregnancy was sore boobs. The don't touch me or even stir the air around me sore boobs. Second was I wanted to sleep my day away and finally a missed period.

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Actually Dh knew before I did. TMI but he 'knew' the night we had sex. and I quote " I would be surprised if that didn't do the trick" and about 3 days before I tested he started commenting that he thought I was pregnant. I laughed it off because I had NO Symptoms yet. Then the day before I tested I thought to my self, I think I'm pregnant. Still no symptoms. Just a feeling I had. Tested the next day and it was positive Smile

I think it's different for every woman. Some are in tune with their bodies and just know...

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I have always felt implantation pain about 10 days after the big O and then the week AF is due I always get gassy. At about 6 weeks along I start to vomit and keep that up all 9 months Sad My boobs get sore but not until about 3 months along. I have constapation too that last all prego.

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Some of my very first symptoms were tons of CM, very moody, increased sense of smell and I was soooooo HOT all the time!

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I usually almost right away.Right now I just dont feel right and my boobs are so sore and swollen.Wont be able to test for another week but I am pretty sure I am pregnant.

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sore nipples. I mean like they were being pulled from my body and placed into clamps. I tested the next day still 3 days before missed period and got a bfp.

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My 2nd was a complete surprise and the symptom that made me test (before I missed AF) was EXTREME EXHAUSTION I remember saying to a co-worker "I haven't been this tired since I was pregnant with Lexi" which then got me thinking, is it possible? SO I took a test and BFP

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I forgot to mention that DH always knows I'm pregnant before I do. I start smelling things and while I don't notice it he's a very observant man and always knows that if i smell something that is not there that I'm pregnant.