Early potty training?

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Early potty training?

I'm trying to start potty training my 15 month old. I'd like to have mostly out of diapers by the time #2 arrives in early April, but I realize that may not be realistic. I've been at this for 2 hours and I'm already worn out and exhausted from trying to get her just to even pee on the potty one time. So far nothing yet.

Does anyone have any tips and tricks for getting a toddler to even go on the potty? One time I had her on there and then when I took her back 10 minutes later she'd already peed in her panties.

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Hi. I'm Annie, mom to two little boys. When we were potty training I found a couple of the articles on the site really helpful.
http://www.pregnancy.org/article/elizabeth-pantleys-potty-training-readiness-quiz and http://www.pregnancy.org/blog/signs-your-child-might-be-ready-toilet-training

Hope they'll help you too.

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Hi! I've PT'd each of our four kids when they were about 18 months old (so a bit older than your 15 month old....) But we were successful and out of daytime diapers in a matter of days.

I share how we do it on my blog....which is in my siggy. Hope that is helpful.

I'm an odd duck when it comes to PT'ing and think that the US does it all backwards. The rest of the WORLD PT's their kids between 12-18 months-- so I know kids are capable much earlier than the 3 years we seem to think it takes. And my grandmothers and great-grandmothers all swear that they had their kids PT'd by 18 months-- so I just took their advice and ran with it.

Good luck!

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My DD was PT'd by 18 mnths and would have been done sooner if not for a minor setback (it was kind of funny tho lol)
For her the best thing was running around naked. No panties, I just cranked the heat in the house and let her go. I cleaned up a more than few messes but it seemed to help her and it did not take longfor her to be using the potty on her own. Her setback came when she decided at about 16mnths that she should empty the potty on her own and tried carrying it to the toilet, she spilled it and slipped in her own pee....ended up on her back covered in pee! She was afraid to us it for a month or 2 after that.
I find potty training is a very personal thing and each kid is a bit different. Good luck!

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Thanks! The biggest obstacle is actually me because I am pregnant and extremely emotional right now so I get physically exhausted and frustrated easily. I'm also getting frustrated by so many telling me to wait until after she is at least 18 months old or better yet 2. I've done a lot of research on this and potty training as late as is presently the norm in the U.S. is a result of the popularity and marketing of disposable diapers in the 1970's. Before that, the average age to start potty training was 15months, with a good number being fully potty trained by 12 months. I do realize that every child is different and that I need to find a strategy that works for us here, but DD is very excited about sitting on the potty, I just keep missing it when she pees and she either goes right after or has just gone when I get her on the potty.

I appreciate the encouragement.

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I know that for us the biggest help was that my daughter was very regular. She always pooped around the same time (which was actually in the bathtub three days in a row!!!) So when it hit that time, I put her on the potty and she went!! She was poop trained by 13 months and was about 22 months for complete day time training. For us, everytime she sat on the potty to begin with, and then actually went on the potty she got a song... and a dance... So I would dance around singing "You peed on the potty, You peed on the potty" and she loved it... Actually hit the point where she would pee just a tiny bit five times, just to get five dances!! And it helped with the next one because she loved dancing with me for his successes! In my experience, be consistent, have fun and expect lots of messes!!

Good luck and I also agree that waiting until 3 is completely unnecessary and just a function of the disposable diapers being too convenient.


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15 months? Is that even possible? lol. My daughter was around 26 months when we finially got her out of nappies!


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It is possible, like Anna said before disposables became such a convenience for people babies were toilet trained much earlier. Most knew what feeling wet was like from cloth nappies. I have been doing some toilet traing, though nothing consistent yet, with my DS who is the same age as the OP's daughter. DS pees and poops on the potty at times and when we are home on weekends he is in training pants most of the time. His day care even starts toilet training when they go into the toddler room at 15 months.

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After having three kids and now my new little prince I've realized the most important tip about potty training... they won't do it until THEY'RE ready to! You can work yourself to death trying to get them to go, but trust me, they will just do it in their own time. I introduced the potty to all of mine around 18 months old, and they all got it at their own pace. My first (a boy) was fully trained by the time he was two years old. My second (a boy) didn't get the hang of things until he was four. My daughter turned three last month and is fully trained during the day but still needs a pullup at night. Good luck!

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My mom told me that I was a difficult child because I could do it, but I refused. But on my 3rd bday my gma told me that big girls don't wear diapers and after that day I never wore a diaper again. Ha ha.

DD1 began training about 2 1/2 and around 3 she finally got the hang of things. She also could do it, but she didn't want to tell people when she had to go. She had a few accidents (mostly poop) and realized she didn't like it. DD2 is actually getting to where she's letting us know she doesn't like it when her diaper is wet and DH has been getting her to tell us when she's "poo poo" or "pee pee" although she usually just says "pee pee". She just turned 2 and DH is hoping to get her trained soon and fast before our next one comes. Hopefully she'll be interested in a little toilet because she already loves washing her hands! GL on potty training!