Earth Day -- "Keep it Going!"

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Earth Day -- "Keep it Going!"

Earth Day was yesterday. Did you do anything special to acknowledge the event in your area?

One of the primary goals of celebrating "Earth Day" however, is to inspire people to make changes that will last a lifetime... not for a singular 24 hours! Here are some resources that you can tap for ideas to share and make a difference within your family's carbon footprint! Have this year count by making conscious choices to have every day be your "Earth Day!"

Celebrate Earth Day with a Grub Party

Eco-Friendly Traditions to Pass Down to Our Children

Teaching Your Kids to Be Kind to Mother Nature

Top 10 Earth Day Suggestions for Families

What is one change that you have made (or are planning to!) to create a positive impact for the earth?

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It's not exactly yesterday Smile but we did enjoy the beautiful weather. Tons was going on in the Seattle area. We did a couple event drive-bys and then took advantage of the great weather to clean up the front flower bed, add a bit more color, transplant some strawberries and rehome a chameleon who had wanted to live in the weeds. (now removed) lol

My fav activity was the beach cleanup slightly south of us. Very uncommon to have sun on such a day. It was just beautiful.