Endometriosis/laporoscopy/depo lupron/bicorneate uterus

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Endometriosis/laporoscopy/depo lupron/bicorneate uterus

New to the board. Not sure best place to post this. I'm 30 and was diagnosed 10 years ago with mild- moderate endometriosis through laporoscopy. I did the depo lupron shots 6 months after surgery and then begun taking birth control bills continuously. In 2011 due to pain, my doctor did 3 months of depo lupron. Now the past yeah, I've had little pain randomly. The past 2 weeks I've had pain that probably lasts half the day total. I've had low grade fevers, been emotional, woke up from sleep hurting, etc I was to have a period last week and never bled but hurt so bad. I went to my pcp dr who ruled out pregnancy or kidney stones,, uti issues. Followed up with gym today. They did ultrasound which showed my bicorneaute uterus. (uterus looks normal but part at top branches out and I basically try to shed the lining from both if I have a period. When pregnant, The dr said the risks would be per term labor or c-section Because the "branch" piece may mean the baby couldn't turn head down. Anyway, after discussing options I am having laporoscopy the week after next and the dr will run dye through tubes to check for blockages. He says with the pain I'm having he needs to get off what he sees so the depo lupron shots could help prevent new growth. Then the game plan would be to not go back on birth control when done with the shots to see what happens. Anyone have any advice or experiences to share (good or bad)? Mostly wondering about others with a pregnancy with bicorneaute uterus? Success after a 2nd lap and lupron shots? How long to get preggo after lupron, etc. thanks as there is a lot running around in my mind.

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no answers for most of your questions. I was diagnosed with endo when I was 40 through a lap, they did the dye test. I had one period and then got pregnant, that pregnancy ended in a m/c at 12 weeks. I have had severe PCOS since I was 16.

You might want to try posing on TTC 2+ years as the ladies there have gone through a lot of different issues and may have some answers for you.

Good luck.

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Sorry you are going through this. I was diagnosed with endo about 8 yrs ago. I had numerous laps w/dye done and even surgery to get rid of the endo. Never ended up getting pregnant. Hope someone can answer your questions