Family pressures when TTC taking longer

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Family pressures when TTC taking longer

Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): I've been trying to get pregnant for 2+ years. It feels like everyone around me is expecting. Our families are asking constantly when we're having a baby to the point I don't want to be around them. For those that took longer to conceive, how did you handle these feelings and situations?

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It depends on how close they are. We had trouble TTC our second. I did confide our TTC efforts with one sister. She's younger than me, and she told me that she had been diagnosed with early menopause so if we were thinking about having another, we might not want to wait too long. I told her that we were already consulting a fertility specialist. Smile The rest of them, if there was a comment, I usually said something rude like, "Why do you think my sex life is any of your business?" :shock: That was also my usual answer for the nine years we were married & childless before having our first. If I was in a good mood, I might say, "We're just enjoying our first (or our married life) so much we aren't ready yet."