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Thread: Family question

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    Default Family question

    Ok, so I have 5 cousins.... youngest is about 33 and the oldest is 45, add on their spouses which makes 10 adults and then add their kids.... they have 13 between them, the youngest is 3 and the oldest is 15.

    So, I don't see them all as much as I would like to and DD doesn't get the opportunity to interact with all her cousins enough.

    What could I do and on what kind of basis to bring us all together? Any inspiration would be appreciated.

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    How about an annual family reunion? Or just make play dates with all of them when they are available
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    The winter holidays are always a nice time to gather with loved ones. If you don't want to do the actual holiday that you celebrate, then maybe all gather on a Sunday for a big potluck dinner the week before. The kids could exchange gifts or do a craft activity together to take home.

    Another idea is a family camping trip. A lot of place you can reserve a larger site for a group. The adults can alternate cooking, cleanup, and child-minding so no one has too much work to do.
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    We deal with that same scenario and now, our family is so scattered that it definitely is a challenge. We do gather together for holidays (almost everyone makes it for Christmas) and then smaller groups get together throughout the year when we are able.

    Ways that I've helped my kids develop a relationship with their cousins is through both online communications (use Skype) or now, some of the older cousins text, email, use social media to stay in touch. With Leia's age, maybe have her make a card and include a recent pic of herself to send. You'll be teaching letter writing skills (fast becoming a lost art) and ask her cousins to respond in kind. Think of them being pen pals! (This can happen even if they are only across town but you still can't get together often.)

    I know that my children are unlikely to have the same type of close bond that I had with my own cousins as we gathered together weekly, many of us attended school together, played sports together, etc. Still - family relationships can remain valuable and kudos to you for trying!

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